Kickbox Stories

Fourteen students spent the spring planning, sketching, prototyping, and working on an idea with help from Elon Kickbox, a mini-grant program from the Maker Hub. Kickbox Stories is a collection of these students’ journeys, from project conception to prototype. Watch the preview video then explore each story below.

Kickbox Stories 2021 – Trailer

Laptop Wireless Charger

Primary Investigator: Aidan Burnside
Major: Engineering
Sponsor: Richard Blackmon, Assistant Professor of Engineering

Aidan explored charging adapters powerful enough to replenish the batteries of laptop computers. View Aidan’s progress here. 

Prototypes of Wireless Chargers


All in One Retro Game Cabinet

Primary Investigator: Bradley Soll
Major: Communication Design
Sponsor: Joy Meyer, Adjunct Assistant Professor of Art

Bradley explored using a Raspberry Pi to create an arcade cabinet that could play nearly any video game on any screen. View Bradley’s progress here. 

Prototypes of All in one


Softening the Saxophone

Primary Investigator: Cole Carney
Major: Public Health
Sponsor: Virginia Novine-Whittaker, Lecturer in Music

Cole explored a device that will make it possible for him to practice playing the alto saxophone in his apartment without disturbing his neighbors. View Cole’s progress here. 

Prototypes of Sax Softening Project


Water Consumption Measuring Shower

Primary Investigator: Grace Granger
Major: Theatre Tech
Sponsor: J.P. Mullican, Technical Director and Instructor in the Department of Performing Arts

Grace explored how to measure the water consumed during a shower and present that information to help a user make better shower length decisions. View Grace’s progress here. 


Prototypes of shower project

Light Show in the Engineering Workshop

Primary Investigator: Haydn Stucker
Major: Engineering
Sponsor: Scott Wolter, Associate Professor of Engineering

Haydn and his team use relays, MIDI software, and LEDs to create a music-actuated light show for the engineering workshop on campus. View Haydn’s progress here. 

Prototypes of Light project

eGPU Enclosure

Primary Investigator: Henry Chance
Major: Engineering and Physics
Sponsor: Ryan Mattfeld, Assistant Professor of Computer Science and Matthew Banks, Engineering Lab Manager

Henry explored affordable ways to add a high-power graphics card to a laptop without modifying the computer’s internals. View Henry’s progress here. 

Prototypes of eGPU project


Automated Blackout Curtains

Primary Investigator: Jakob Reuter
Major: Entrepreneurship
Sponsor: Elena Kennedy, Doherty Emerging Professor of Entrepreneurship and Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship

Jakob explored ways for students to get better sleep by creating curtains that adjust to their sleeping habits. View Jakob’s progress here. 

Prototypes of curtains



Primary Investigator: Kobie Williams
Major: Entrepreneurship
Sponsor: Alyssa Martina, Director of the Doherty Center for Creativity, Innovation & Entrepreneurship and Lecturer

Kobie and his team explored an app that can help Elon students find open spaces to study. View Kobie’s progress here. 

Prototypes of StudySpots


Animal Shelter Toys

Primary Investigator: Lauren Bowman
Major: Digital Art
Sponsor: Terry Tomasek, Associate Professor of Education and Director of the Elon Academy

Lauren explored creating toys for cats and dogs that are resilient and long-lasting for animal shelters. View Lauren’s progress here. 

Prototypes of pet toys


Inspiration in the Office

Primary Investigator: Logan Powers
Major: Strategic Communication
Sponsor: Shannon Zenner, Assistant Professor of Communication Design

Logan and his team used Maker Hub tools to fabricate various marketing and custom pieces for the student-run agency Live Oak Communications. View Logan’s progress here. 

Prototypes of Office Project


3-Pronged Grabber Tool

Primary Investigator: Mallory Poff
Majors: Engineering
Sponsor: Sirena Hargrove-Leak, Associate Professor of Engineering

Mallory and her team have created a device to help a family friend with limited hand/grip strength grab items like keys, papers, and writing utensils. View Mallory’s progress here. 

Prototypes of grabber project


STEM Game for Young Girls

Primary Investigator: Mikayla Ford
Major: Communication Design
Sponsor: Elena Kennedy, Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship

Mikayla and her teammates designed a custom board game to introduce STEM-based careers to elementary-aged girls. View Mikayla’s progress here. 

Prototypes of STEMista Project


Dorm Hub

Primary Investigator: Nicholas Muller
Major: Computer Engineering
Sponsor: Kyle Altmann, Associate Professor of Physics

Nicholas explored surface mount soldering with PCB boards while creating an electronics hub to control lights and other devices. View Nicholas’s progress here.

Prototypes of Dorm Hub

Real Estate Engravings

Primary Investigator: Trinity Swepson
Major: International Business
Sponsor: Alyssa Martina, Director of the Doherty Center for Creativity, Innovation & Entrepreneurship and Lecturer

Trinity explored laser engraving to create custom gifts for real estate agents to give their clients at closing. View Trinity’s progress here. 

Prototypes for Real Estate Project