The Maker Hub is a great space for organizations, LLCs, and other student groups to come together and participate in team builders, host social events, and explore creative opportunities! Here are a few options for student groups:

Orientation and Team Builder

Want to learn more about the Maker Hub and challenge your organization with fun, interactive, and creative team builders? Our orientation will give a rundown of the space and all we provide while also having your members go through either the Marshmallow Challenge or the MacGyver Box Challenge.

2 week minimum notice before event

Organization Branding

Do you have or want to create an organization logo? You and your organization can come in and create your own merchandise on things like t-shirts, stickers, buttons, or coasters!

Reserve the Space

Have your own project or interest that you would like to create with your group? Then you can reserve the space for your organization, and we can be here to help in any way that we can!

2 week minimum notice before event

Your Choice

Feel free to reach out if you have any ideas for a collaboration between the Maker Hub and your organization!

Next Step

Let us know more about your idea by completing this short form. We’ll get back to you in a couple of days to begin the conversation.

Please note: If your organization is making merchandise to sell, all material must come from the organization and cannot be done with the materials in stock in the Maker Hub. See our materials policy for more details.