Meet the Spring 2017 Kickboxers

Elon students researched, prototyped and created some really interesting projects in the Spring of 2017. Below are short summaries of each project. You can follow their progress on their pages, listed under each project. Learn more about Elon Kickbox here.

Sound Reactive LED Guitar

Lead investigator: Sarah Hennenkamp, Computer Engineering, Music Production and Recording Arts
Faculty/staff sponsor: Carey Harwood, Music

By merging computer science, music, and visual arts, Sarah Hennenkamp plans to design and assemble a 3D printed guitar with LEDs which reacts to sound. Using a small electronic brain called a microcontroller, a microphone and LED lights, Sarah’s goal is to create a guitar that changes colors depending on the notes being played.

Learn more about the Sound Reactive LED Guitar project on their page.

Advanced Electronics Bay

Lead investigator: Julia Filloon, Engineering-Physics, Applied Mathematics
Faculty/staff sponsor: Scott Wolter, Engineering

Julia Filloon and the Elon Rocket team will develop an inexpensive electronics bay to add to their rocket. The electronics bay will include a GPS transmitter that will track the rocket’s movement from up to 40 miles away. Adding advanced tracking abilities to the rocket will bring Julia and the team one step closer to participating in an international rocketry competition in New Mexico.

Learn more about the Advanced Electronics Bay project on their page.

Sweat EZ Tee

Lead investigator: Brittni N Bly, Physical Therapy
Faculty/staff sponsor: Stephen Bailey, Physical Therapy

Whether you are trying to make your best impression or just go through an ordinary day, sweating through your clothes can be embarrassing and make you feel uncomfortable. Brittni Bly is working on an inexpensive and reusable Cosmetic Sweat Sleeve that will prevent dampness and stains from showing through any color clothing. The goal of this product is to eliminate stress over sweat stains and help people live more clean and confident lives.

The Cosmetic Sweat Sleeve project’s page is private.

Walker: The Future of Pet Connectivity

Lead investigator: Aidan Draper, Computer Science, Environmental & Sustainability Studies
Faculty/staff sponsor: Joel Hollingsworth, Computer Science

Aidan Draper is working to create a high-tech dog collar to help owners stay connected to their dogs even when they are far apart. The goal is a device that will track a dog’s location, monitor their body temperature and even communicate with them through a speaker. This tiny computer will be able to clip onto a dog’s collar.

Learn more about the TechTrainer Collar Attachment project on their page.

dREM: The Affordable Lucid Dreaming Experience

Lead investigator: Andrew Nemnich, Entrepreneurship, Environmental & Sustainability Studies and Ben King, Finance, Environmental & Sustainability Studies
Faculty/staff sponsor: Joel Hollingsworth, Computer Science

What if you had the power to control the people, place and actions in your dreams? Andrew Nemnich and Ben King are working towards making this possible with a smartphone app called dREM. Once an individual reaches REM sleep, this App will play a sound, song or vibration that will prompt lucid dreaming. dREM’s ability to determine an individual’s sleep cycle and activate lucid dreaming could introduce a more advanced way to dream.

Learn more about dREM: The Affordable Lucid Dreaming Experience project on their page.

Utilizing 3-D Printing to Make Custom Jewelry

Lead investigator: Jocelyn Pietro, Public Health and Psychology
Faculty/staff sponsor: Sarah Faircloth, Graduate Assistant in Moseley Center

Jocelyn Pietro designs, produces and sells custom jewelry, which can be customized with text and design by using a stamp. For her Kickbox project, she has designed 3D-printed jigs, that help align the jewelry with the stamp. The goal of this project is to make her homemade jewelry look more professional and build the brand of her business.

Learn more about the 3-D Printed Jewelry project on their page.

Food Drivers

Lead investigator: Tyson Glover, Strategic Communications, Entrepreneurship, Leadership Studies
Faculty/staff sponsor: Sean McMahon, Entrepreneurship

Food Drivers will help organizations save time and money by providing young adults the opportunity to help reduce food shortages within their community. Through partnerships with drivers-ed programs, soon-to-be drivers will deliver food to pantries during their driver training.

Itinerary Assistant

Lead investigator: Sajnee Thakkar, Computer Engineering and Business Administration
Faculty/staff sponsor: Chris Arena, Engineering

The Amazon Echo is a voice-controlled device that can play music, give schedule reminders, provide information, and much more. Sajnee Thakkar is developing an Amazon Echo app for students that would connect with Elon University calendars for on campus news and events. The goal of this project is to help Elon students organize their schedule and stay updated on events happening on campus.

Learn more about the Itinerary Assistant project on their page.

Smart Mirror

Lead investigator: Eamon Kostopulos, Computer Science and Finance and Matt Venezia, Engineering-Physics
Faculty/staff sponsor: Scott Spurlock, Computer Science

Eamon Kostopulos and Matt Venezia are working to transform ordinary mirrors into customizable devices. Their project, Smart Mirror, will add both informational and entertainment computer displays to ordinary mirrors. The goal of this project is to create a revolutionary mirror with the capabilities of an operating system.