Kickbox students holding their boxes

Elon students are researching, prototyping, building, and revising their Elon Kickbox project this Spring. Below is a summary of each idea. Learn more about Elon Kickbox here.

Smart Coffee Table

Picture of Wyatt Allen holding his KickboxWyatt Allen

Major: Engineering
Sponsor: Scott Wolter, Associate Professor of Engineering

Wyatt explored a custom-wired coffee table with integrated speakers and a wireless charger to apply the skills he learned in his Circuit Analysis class.

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Sustainable Hair Care

Picture of Winnie with her KickboxWinnie Carlton

Major: Biology
Sponsor:  Kelly Harer, Assistant Director of Sustainability for Education and Outreach

Winnie explored making shampoo and conditioner bars that are sustainable alternatives to buying soap in big plastic jugs.

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Dorm-style Composter

Picture of Lauren holder her KickboxLauren Hill

Major: Engineering
Sponsors: Sirena Hargrove-Leak, Associate Professor of Engineering and Bethany Brinkman, Associate Professor of Engineering

Lauren explored a way for individuals to compost their food waste to keep it out of the landfill where it can produce methane, a harmful greenhouse gas.

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Asian Pacific Islander (API) Flag Board

Picture of Tiffany with her KickboxTiffany Huang

Major: Communication Design
Sponsor: Kiah Glenn, Assistant Director of the Center for Race, Ethnicity, & Diversity Education

Tiffany built an interactive board in the new AAPI room to help students who identify with that part of their identity to meet each other.

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Cat Treadmill

Picture of Hannah with her KickboxHannah Roaten

Major: Dance Science
Sponsor: J.P. Mullican, Technical Director and Instructor in the Department of Performing Arts

Hannah is developed new skills to build a treadmill for her cat.

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8-Bit Breadboard Computer

Ben TrainumPicture of Ben with his Kickbox

Major: Engineering
Sponsor: Joel Hollingsworth, Senior Lecturer in Computer Science

Ben took what he learned in his Computer Architecture class and made a basic computer from very simple components to help demystify how a computer works.

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Apocalypse Gear

Kyra WellsPicture of Kyra with her Kickbox

Major: Environmental Studies
Sponsor: Ryan Rasmussen, Assistant Professor of Art

Kyra took an idea that started in her 3D design class and developed a utility outfit for outdoor enthusiasts.

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Programmable Robotic Cat

Image of Anna holding her KickboxAnna Altmann

Major: Chemistry and Computer Science
Sponsor: Joel Hollingsworth, Senior Lecturer in Computer Science

Anna built a robotic cat to practice her coding skills and spread STEM education to kids.

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Keyboard to Control Lighting 

Image of Alexandra holding her KickboxAlexandra Nemfakos

Major: Theatrical Design and Technology and Anthropology
Sponsor: Greg Thorn, Technical Director, Cultural and Special Programs

Alexandra explored a custom keyboard that will allow her to program and control professional lighting setups for campus events.

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Cup Adapter

Image of Sidney, Mary, and Rane holding their KickboxRane Parr, Mary Hermes, and Sidney Lowe

Sponsor: Sirena Hargrove-Leak, Associate Professor of Engineering

Rane and the team continued the work they started in an engineering class to build a device for a child in the community that has limited mobility.

Learn more about Ran's project

Injection Molder for 3D Printer Scraps

Image of Haydn holding his KickboxHaydn Stucker

Major: Engineering and Computer Science
Sponsor: Scott Wolter, Associate Professor of Engineering

Haydn explored injection molding as a way to re-purpose 3D print scraps in the Maker Hub.

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Travel Time Board Game

Maia Tice

Major: Mathematics with Teaching Licensure
Sponsor: Sponsor: Joel Hollingsworth, Senior Lecturer in Computer Science

Maia explored a travel board game that involves problem-solving and math skills.

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