Elon students are researching, prototyping, building, and revising their Elon Kickbox project this Spring. Below is a summary of each idea. Learn more about Elon Kickbox here.

Bartemius the Telescope

Josh T holding KickboxJoshua Trubinsky

Major: Engineering

Sponsor: Kyle Altmann, Associate Professor of Physics

Josh is building a fully functional telescope from scratch using 3D printing.

Froggy Stickers

Carina holding a KickboxCarina Kaplan

Major: Public Health and Strategic Communications

Sponsor: Heather Barker, Assistant Professor of Mathematics and Statistics

Carina is exploring different ways to make stickers from her hand drawings of frogs.

Ball Jointed Doll

Jenny holding her KickboxJenny Agostini

Major: Finance and Accounting

Sponsor: Scott Oaks, Lecturer in Management

Jenny is taking her love of dolls and developing her 3D modeling and printing skills to create dolls with movable joints.

Autonomous Robotic Hand

Murilo holding his KickboxMurilo Ferreira Lopes

Major: Computer Science

Sponsor: Shannon Duval, Professor of Computer Science

Murilo is developing a robotic hand that can imitate a human hand using camera vision software to help people learn American Sign Language.

Nintendo SWiiTCH

Wren holding a KickboxWren Sobolewski

Major: Engineering

Sponsor: Scott Wolter, Associate Professor of Engineering and Chair of the Department of Engineering

Wren will practice fine detail soldering, 3D modeling, and printing custom PCBs to miniaturize a Nintendo Wi.

Arm Support

Arm support team holding their KickboxJohn Lagarde, Colby Robbins, Anna Greer

Major: Engineering

Sponsor: Sirena Hargrove-Leak, Professor of Engineering

John, Colby, and Anna will collaborate on a project they started in their engineering class to create a device for a child with paralysis who has difficulty moving their arm.

Body Weight Support

Julianna holding her KickboxJulianna Millett

Major: Engineering

Sponsor: Sirena Hargrove-Leak, Professor of Engineering

Julianna continues the work started in an Engineering class for a child with spinal muscular atrophy.

Julianna will continue developing a project started in an engineering class to create a body weight support system to aid in physical exercise for a child with spinal muscular atrophy.


R'KIND holding their KickboxSofia Ballance and Emma Farrell

Major: Finance and Entrepreneurship

Sponsor: Alyssa Martina, Executive Director of the Doherty Center for Creativity, Innovation & Entrepreneurship and Lecturer

Sofia and Emma are exploring a future business of custom-designed baseball hats.

Meowgical Massacre

Meowgical holding their KickboxHannah Blackmore and Kaiden Sinclair

Major: Computer Science and English-Creative Writing

Sponsor: Pratheep Paranthaman, Assistant Professor of Computer Science

Hannah and Kaiden will continue developing a cat-themed game they created in a Game Design class.


Morgan holding her KickboxMorgan Williams

Major: Public Health Studies & Environmental and Sustainability Studies

Sponsor: Kelsey Bitting, Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies

Morgan is creating a board game that simulates surviving a heatwave and highlights the challenges that certain communities face when adapting to the heat.

DIY Bluetooth Boombox

Walt holding his KickboxWalt Pierce

Major: Statistics, Economics

Sponsor: Jeremy Hohertz, Lecturer in Physics

Walt will develop his soldering, laser engraving, and woodworking skills to create a speaker from scratch.

Embroidered Sweatshirts

Maddy holding KickboxMaddy Williams

Major: Art

Sponsor: Micah Daw, Lecturer in Art and Heidi Jo Schiemer, Costume Shop Manager, Cutter/Draper and Instructor in the Department of Performing Arts

Maddy is exploring alternative ways to embroider clothing as a new medium for her to make art.

Pill Pal

Erin M holding KickboxErin Martin

Major: Computer Science

Sponsor: Kyle Altmann, Associate Professor of Physics

Erin is exploring a device to help people remember to take their medications.

A Strong Women

Meetra holding her KickboxMeetra Qaderi

Major: Pre-med

Sponsor: Kristen Aquilino, Director of International Student Services

Meetra is exploring artistic mediums to create a representation of Afghan women fighting for educational rights.