Power saws to make angled, straight, and curved cuts of wood and plastic and a drill press to make holes in wood, plastic, and metal. We also have several hand saws – ask a Maker Hub Consultant for help.


Band Saw

Cut curved and straight cuts in wood and plastic

track saw

Track Saw

Cut straight and angled cuts in sheets of wood and plastic

Miter saw

Miter Saw

Cut straight, angled, and beveled cuts in wood and plastic

Jig saw

Jig Saw

Cut angled, straight, and curved cuts in wood, plastic, and metal

drill press

Drill Press

Used to make holes in wood, plastic, and metal


Maker Hub – Downtown


You must complete a Basic Training and Safety training before you can use any of the power saws – see below for details. After completing the training, you can use the saws during regular operating hours. It is first-come, first-serve.


Saws training consists of two parts:

  1. Online content that you can complete at your own pace.
  2. A practice project that you need to complete in the Maker Hub.

Saws: Basic Training and Safety

You must complete the online and in-person training before using the power saws. Visit the Maker Hub’s Moodle site for information about the training (click on the “Enroll me” button). Once you’ve completed the Moodle training, you can sign up for an in-person training through the link provided when you finish the Moodle training.


The Saws are located in the Safety Zone so please review the Safety Zone rules on our policies webpage.


Below are short descriptions and links to the operating manuals for each tool. Need a refresher? Go back to the online saws training and review the specific details for each tool. 



Track saw

Miter saw

Miter saw

Jig saw


Drill press

We also have a variety of handsaws for wood, plastic, and metal.