Introduce Your Students to the Hub

Bring your class to the Maker Hub! Our orientation introduces students to the free resources available to them for their class, research, and personal projects. Your students will learn more about what’s possible in the Maker Hub and see examples of projects made by Elon students. Your class will also participate in a hands-on activity.

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Activity options

Marshmallow Challenge

Students build a structure during the Marshmallow Challenge activity, where students test their assumptions and, usually, fail. The Marshmallow Challenge activity is one of the activity options during a Maker Hub Orientation.

MacGyver Box Challenge

Students test their prototype of a balloon-powered car during the MacGyver Box Challenge at a Maker Hub Orientation. After this first test, students rebuild their model using the information they learned from the test.

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More Options

If you have specific learning objectives in mind, we can customize the presentation and activity for your class. We can introduce fabrication skills like 3D printing, laser engraving or soldering, augment existing assignments, or work with you to develop new assignments or activities to meet the learning objectives of your course.