The ShopBot Desktop Max is the Maker Hub’s first CNC machine. It’s a desktop style CNC router than can accommodate materials up to 24” x 36” in size. The ShopBot Desktop Max can be used to carve, cut, machine and mill materials such as wood, MDF, plastics, foams, and non-ferrous metals (like aluminum). It can also engrave stone. Check with Maker Hub staff for a full list of approved materials. The primary benefit of a CNC machine is that it can produce precise work very quickly.


The ShopBot Desktop Max is housed in the Maker Hub – Downtown.

Training is required before you can use this equipment. Due to the nature of the CNC machine (namely the fact that it’s a computer-controlled drill bit spinning at up to 18,000rpm), we will only allow the machine to be run during the hours we’re open. Though it’s connected to a chip collection system, safety glasses must always be worn when operating the ShopBot. You must stay with the machine while it’s on and running your job. Please plan accordingly if you have a job that may take a significant amount of time.