Below is a list of benefits that retirees retain.

Continuation of Email Usage

Retired employees can retain their Elon e-mail address and will be kept on the “facstaff” mailing list to receive information. If you are a retiree who does not have an Elon e-mail address and wish to obtain one, just contact the Office of Human Resources at (336) 278-5560 and arrangements will be made for you to receive one.

Phoenix ID Card Use

The university’s ID card is the key to receiving many of the services provided to retirees. The card can be used in the Belk Library, in the university’s fitness center, to obtain tickets for both cultural and athletic events at Elon, to reserve the Lodge property, and to secure employee discounts at select local businesses. If you do not currently have a Phoenix ID card, please contact the Office of Human Resources at (336) 278-5560 and arrangements will be made for you to receive one. It will be necessary for you to come to the campus and have your photo taken in order to receive your card.

*** On or before your last official day of employment, please go to the Phoenix Card Office in Oaks/McCoy Commons 201 with your phoenix card so that your card can be updated to reflect your retiree status.

Continuation of Parking Permit Usage

All retired employees are entitled to a parking permit to park on the campus when they visit. If you plan to visit campus and wish to have a new parking permit, you may do so by visiting the Office of Campus Safety and Police located at Oaks Commons 416 N. Williamson Avenue.

Use of Belk Library

Retired employees may continue to check out materials and use services of the Belk Library as long as they have a Phoenix ID card.

Fitness Center Usage

The Fitness Center can be used as long as a retired employee has a valid Phoenix ID card. For details on how to obtain a card if you do not have one, please see “Phoenix ID Card” above. Contact Elon Campus Recreation at (336) 278-7529 for details on current programs offered.

Tuition Remission Program

Retired employees may enroll in one (1) course per semester. If you are interested in taking a course, contact the Office of Admissions to receive an application for special admission at (336) 278-3566. After speaking with Admissions, you will need to complete a tuition remission form found on our website or in the Human Resources Office.

Employee Discount Program

Retired employees are offered the same discounts with some local vendors as current employees. See a current list of participating vendors

Free Admission to Cultural Events

Retired employees with Phoenix ID cards can continue to secure tickets at no charge for university-sponsored programs. Contact the ticket office (336) 278-5610 for calendar and ticket information.

Free Admission to Athletic Events

Admission to athletic events can be obtained through the use of the Phoenix ID card. Contact the athletic ticket office at (336) 278-6750 for schedule and ticket information.

Free Flu Vaccine

Flu vaccine is provided free of charge to retired faculty and staff each year at the same time it is provided to the campus community. Because the supply of flu vaccine is sometimes limited, the vaccine will be administered on a first come, first served basis.

Reservation Privileges for the Lodge Property

The lodge property, located on Highway 100 in Elon, can be scheduled through Campus Recreation at (336) 278-7529.

Invitations to Campus Events

Retired employees receive invitations via Elon email to a number of campus events. They include programs such as the annual Faculty/Staff Awards Luncheon when faculty members are recognized, Staff Appreciation Day when staff members of the year are recognized, and the University’s annual Holiday Party.

Meetings with TIAA

Individual meetings can be scheduled with representatives from TIAA to discuss matters regarding retirement contributions. If you are interested in meeting with a TIAA representative, please contact TIAA at (800) 732-8353 to schedule an appointment.

Retiree Listing on Elon’s Website

Retirees can now choose to be listed on the online Faculty and Staff Retiree Directory. If you are interested in being listed, please contact the Office of Human Resources at (336) 278-5560 for a copy of the consent form. In order for your listing to appear on the web site a signed consent form must be completed. Download the online retiree directory consent form.

Letters of Recommendation

Elon stationery can be provided to retirees who have been asked to write letters of recommendation for students. Just call the Office of Human Resources at (336) 278-5560 to receive stationery and envelopes.

Supplemental Health Insurance Plan

The University is offering a supplemental health insurance program that is available for retirees and their spouses. If the retired Elon employee elects to participate in the program, the University will contribute $100 towards the cost of the monthly premium for the retired employee.

See the Retiree Benefits Guide for further details.