Elon University

One Neighborhood, One Week on the Internet: Activities

42 adults and 13 minors in this study reported on Internet activities they have done at least once

Research family tree17%8%
Get medical information79%23%
Listen to music33%69%
Watch video/film clips33%23%
Download music14%46%
Download games10%38%
Download software45%46%
Play games17%77%
Play games interactively14%31%
Look for job information50%15%
Hunt for real estate50%0%
Meet folks in chat room12%31%
Share info on a listserv12%0%
Buy goods or services79%15%
Comparison shop (not buy)76%46%
Sell things0%8%
Take part in poll or survey55%38%
Get daily news64%15%
Follow breaking news story64%31%
Contact a teacher29%38%
Do homework10%85%
Use instant messaging48%77%
Get info on films, books,
music, games then buy online
Send/receive photos81%54%
Substitute e-mail for long-distance
calls to friends/relatives
Send video with a Webcam7%0%
Use for telecommuting24%0%
Use Internet for home business14%0%
Trade stocks29%0%
Get tax information55%0%
File tax forms24%8%
Get investment information62%15%
Work on a hobby, pastime52%54%
Plan a vacation83%31%
Book a plane/hotel/car for a trip64%15%
Take a class or course12%8%
Learn about people in foreign cultures29%54%
Be an activist for a cause2%0%
Find out about local events57%31%
Tell someone bad news through e-mail14%31%
Tell someone good news through e-mail81%69%
Plan a reunion33%8%
Keep in touch with someone79%69%
Send Internet greeting cards57%62%
Plan a speech for a group10%0%
Find and share jokes/humorous stories79%69%
Forward Web pages to
Send e-mail attachments81%46%