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One Neighborhood, One Week on the Internet in 2001: The Researchers’ Stories

This page is part of a revealing, detailed ethnographic study of Internet use during the week of Jan. 12-19, 2001, by 24 upper-middle-class families in a small-town neighborhood. These accounts of turn-of-the-century personal use of the Internet were written by the ethnographic researchers who developed the content for this site. Most if the researchers wrote a personal story about their own use of the Internet in addition to a feature story about the family whose Internet use they studied – so you will generally find two different links in each section. The research team included 25 Elon University students and the professor who led the study, Janna Anderson.

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Allen Headshot Crystal AllenFamily: Susan & Jim Higgins Bauer Headshot Corey Bauer – Family: Vicki & Stephen Vaughn
Butler Headshot William ButlerFamily: Brenda & Arnold Fowler Cormier Headshot Sebastian CormierFamily: Jane & Mark Barnhill
Deiboldt Headshot Allison DeiboldtFamily: Kelli & Todd Jones Eagens Headshot Kim EagensFamily: Pris & Carroll Santos
Gill Headshot Sean GillFamily: Amy & Ed Felming Guarino Headshot Jennifer GuarinoFamily: Brenda & Keith Morris 
Holcomb Headshot Nathan HolcombFamily: Mary & Hoyle Alexander Holt Headshot Michael HoltFamily: Juli & Paul Thompson
Jarvis Headshot Jacob Jarvis – Family: Scarlett & Larry Rhodes Jerinic Headshot Ivan JerinicFamily: Delores & Matt Rankin
Kennon Headshot Heather KennonFamily: Barb & Jason Blair McCreery Headshot Jamie McCreeryFamily: Heidi & Jim Hyde
Pinkerton Headshot Brad PinkertonFamily: Carrie & Rick Evans Rainie Headshot Amanda Anderson-RainieFamily: Sharon & Gary Holmes
Serafini Headshot Lee SerafiniFamily: Frances & Charles Wood Snavely Headshot Betsy Snavely – Senior Research Assistant
Stanley Headshot  Erica Stanley – Research Assistant – Family: Kiki & Stephen Folger Stewart Headshot Ben StewartFamily: Yardley & Steven Hunter
Torcasi Headshot Kristin TorcasiFamily: Linda & Tom Blume Tuttle Headshot Jason TuttleFamily: Kerry & Bion Jolly
Hook Headshot Mark Van HookFamily: Rena & John Davis Verdelli Headshot Greg VerdelliFamily: Candis & Jimmy Simmons 
Watkins Headshot Nicki WatkinsFamily: Cathy & Bert Wall  

   Janna Anderson and The Anderson Family

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