Student Professional Development Center

Networking for Teachers

Networking is talking with people who can help you explore career options and goals.  It is the best way to develop
relationships and gain information that will be helpful in your job search.  It is the most effective job search method!  Studies show that 70% to 80% of jobs are found through some form of networking.

Where do I begin?

Before you contact anyone, think about why you are contacting him/her and what you want to say. Are you looking for information about different careers so you can choose your career path? Or, are you looking for people working in a
specific company or career field to find job opportunities? 

How do I set up an Informational Interview?

Introduce yourself in a clear and concise way and then quickly let the person know why you are contacting him or her.  If someone referred you, use that individual’s name in your introduction.  Ideally, you want to arrange a time to meet with the person directly (or by phone or email, depending on the circumstances) so you can ask him/her detailed questions and gain useful information and advice through an informational interview.


     To: Karen Doe <kdoe@gmail.com>
     Subject: Informational Interview

     Dear Ms. Doe:

When searching on the Elon Mentor Network, I came across your profile and would appreciate an opportunity to speak with you about your career path.  I am a sophomore majoring in Education at Elon University and I am very interested in learning all I can about possible career paths with this degree.  Your advice regarding other skills you think I should develop during my college career would also be helpful. I would greatly appreciate 15 minutes of your time to ask you a few questions about your position with the Baltimore City Public School System, as well as other opportunities in the field.

Thank you for your consideration.  I look forward to hearing from you.

     Jane Wilson