Student Professional Development Center


Oluwatoberu Jaiyesimi '15

"Through the program, I have been able to have many opportunities to structure my resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile. By completing my objectives, I have been able to network with Elon Alums, secure summer internships and on-campus jobs that are geared towards my major, minor and the career path I want to embark on. Also, I have recently had a couple of recruiters reach out to me for possible job positions due to my resume and LinkedIn profile."

"I think the most important objective all students should complete is the mock interview and going back to do them periodically because it helps you build up your confidence in interviewing, honest advice and feedback are given to you, and overall it puts you ahead of many other students not only at Elon but other college students in terms of interviewing skills."

Anyssa McMillan '15

"I am very passionate about my development. I wanted to grow professionally.  It was just a plus that I was able to do this and receive gifts.  I have learned a lot about what route I want to take post-graduation.  As a senior, this is important to me.  I want to pursue a job that I am passionate about."

"I would recommend people to take full advantage of the program.  You learn so much and gain so much reward.  The Career services are very helpful, and I think that any students will be able to benefit from this program."


Cameron McIntyre '15

"Learning about myself through the various assessments has enlightened me in how I can best function in the job environment and how I can find the job in which I am most fulfilled. Mock interviewing has made me felt confident for the real deal as it approaches. Going to career events and information sessions can be scary and sobering. However, I feel more prepared for the professional world because of it."


Maria Restuccio '15

"The most valuable thing I learned through this experience is how to best conduct myself in a professional manner at all times. The etiquette I learned through this program I not only used in the job/internship process, but I also integrated this learning into my everyday life at Elon. This professional standard has made me stick out in my work on campus, and I feel that all students need this experience to become true advocates of an Elon education. I think all students need to attend one of the etiquette sessions as well as reviewing e-mail and conversation etiquette with the SPDC staff."