Student Professional Development Center

Build professional skills and the critical know-how to achieve your career goals while earning great rewards!

Work with administrators, career advisors, Elon alumni, employer partners, "Elon Career Mentors" on LinkedIn, graduate programs, and professional schools, peers, and experts who enjoy helping others achieve their career goals. 
Complete groups of professional career objectives and become empowered with skills needed to achieve top graduate school placement, land a dream internship, on-campus student jobs, and careers.


           GROUP ONE 

  1. Have your resume reviewed by an SPDC advisor.
  2. Meet with an advisor to learn about the Elon Job Network.
  3. Get your LinkedIn profile tuned up with guidance from an SPDC advisor
  4. Conduct an Informational Interview with an Elon "Career Mentor" found on LinkedIn. 
  5. Have two of the career personality assessments interpreted by an advisor.


     SPDC Umbrella

        GROUP TWO 

  1. Discuss the ELR internship opportunity with an advisor.
  2. Attend a professional development event hosted by the SPDC
  3. Attend one: On-Campus Student Employment Fair, Job & Internship Expo, B-Corporation Career Fair, Graduate School Fair, Social Impact Career Fair, Non-Profit Career Fair, or Teacher Fair.




  1. Schedule a mock interview with an SPDC professional.
  2. Update your resume, craft a job specific cover letter, or prepare materials for graduate school with the help from an SPDC advisor.  
  3. Attend an employer information session.



  1. Take a free, 1/2 semester Transitions Strategies course (COE 310)
  2. Attend a professional development etiquette event.
  3. Write a 200-word reflection paper about the C2C program.  


     Quarter Zip Pullover


  1. You will receive your C2C Certificate of Completion.
  2. You will become eligible for the iPad and $100 gift card drawings.
  3. You will be invited to attend the C2C banquet
    The banquet is a catered event established to recognize members for their achievement in completing all of the objectives.