Student Professional Development Center

Graduate & Professional School Fair

Wednesday • October 26, 2016
4 p.m. • 7 p.m. 
Moseley Center • McKinnon


Dress nicely. First impressions matter.  Professional/business casual attire is recommended. For helpful advice, please review our favorite web resource on dressing for success.

Come prepared. You'll get much more out of your conversations with school representatives if you've taken the time beforehand to inform yourself a bit about the schools that most interest you. 

Introduce yourself in a friendly manner.  Shake hands confidently with the representative.

Ask lots of questions.  Remember, that's why the representatives are here!  They want to answer your questions, both general questions about graduate or professional school study and specific questions about their respective school, its strengths, and your options.

Not sure what to ask?  Consider these questions:

About the Admission process:

• How much weight does your school/program assign to the different parts of the application packet—a student’s GPA, letters of recommendation, personal statement, GRE (or other) test scores, research experience, etc.?

• What other factors are considered when a student is evaluated for admittance?

• What does your institution especially like to see in a prospective student?

• What is the best thing I can do to offset a weakness in my application packet?

• Do you interview students in person before making a decision about acceptance?


About funding and financial aid:

• What opportunities are available for financial aid? 

• Do you offer assistantships or fellowships?  How can I apply for them?

About students at the school:

• Where do most of your students come from? What schools/states?

• What kind of academic background do they typically have?  (if you are asking about a particular program, not about the school as an institution)

• If I visit your school, will there be opportunities available for me to meet with current graduate students?

• Where do most students live?  Is on-campus housing available for graduate students?


Be sure to thank the representatives.  Remember that while they're representing their schools, you're representing Elon University, and your good impression will encourage their participation in future G&PSFs.



This event is open to all Elon students, faculty, staff and alumni. Students from nearby colleges and universities are also welcome to attend.