Student Professional Development Center

Pam Brumbaugh

Director of Experiential Education

Pam Brumbaugh serves as the Director of Experiential Education at Elon University.  In that role for 27 years, she has focused on the internship and co-op programs, helping students understand the Experiential Learning Requirement and how credit works, how to make connections to find an appropriate internship position and reflect on what they learned from their experience. She assists faculty in experiential program development and connects with employers and alumni to expand internship opportunities.  Pam enjoys presenting nationally on experiential theory and best practices.
In order to prepare students for internships and post-graduate employment, Pam teaches Transition Strategies, a 1-credit course that helps students assess themselves, prepare professional documents, and strategize for the job search and the graduate school application process. She also meets with students and alumni in individual counseling sessions to provide career management direction.  Pam relishes presenting on all career-related topics, including MBTI, StrengthsQuest, and etiquette.
A quote by Katharine Graham best describes Pam’s career philosophy and wish for each student: “To love what you do and feel that it matters – how can anything be more fun?”

I can help you with:

  • Credit for Internships/Co-ops/Individualized Learning (ELR)
  • Internship Search Strategies
  • Professional Etiquette & Career Class Information
  • Self-Exploration/Assessments for Internships
  • Internship Interview Preparation/Mock Interviews
  • Internship Resumes