Student Professional Development Center

Student and Employer Offer Expectations

The Student Professional Development Center (SPDC) at Elon University encourages students to allow sufficient time to carefully consider their employment options and to make informed decisions.

To do this we support students by:

  • Educating students on evaluating job offers
  • Discouraging them from making hasty decisions that may result in them turning down and the initial offer they already accepted
  • Communicating that upon accepting an offer a student should no longer participate in on-campus recruiting programs

As we work to educate our students on the intricacies of managing the job search, we ask that you, as an employer, respect their decision-making timeframe.

To do this we ask employers to:

  • Communicate the details of the offer including salary and benefits packages
  • Be clear about the timeline that you would like to hear back about your offer
  • Extend an offer timeline, within reason, when asked by a student in a professional and informative manner

Also, if economic realities force an employer to rescind an offer, we ask that the organization notify an SPDC representative prior to rescinding. Your notification will allow time to prepare to address questions or concerns from the student and provide support for their job search.

We highly value our relationships with employers and work diligently to nurture those relationships in all aspects of our work.