Tier Teams

Earning Tier Team Points

- For workshops and full Tier Team events, attendance will be recorded by the CFL.
- For all individual Tier Team events (collaborative or solo), tailgates, and other CFL events, you must send a selfie with 3 or more members of your Tier Team to leadtierteams@gmail.com and include: names, event, date, and country.

ActivityPoint Value
Attend a Tier I Workshop 1 point
Attend a LEAD Tier Team event 1 point
Attend an individual Tier Team event 1 point
Attend a collaborative Tier Team event (at least two TTs) 2 points
Attend other CFL events (e.g., LEADSTRONG Week, Tailgate, College Coffee Table, etc.) 1 point
Stop by the CFL and sign in 1 point
Visit LEAD Community Director Audrey Funk during her office hours: Tuesdays 2:30-3:45pm 2 points
Finishing Tier I 15 points

Tier Team Points

Deadpool 42 points
Cat Woman 34 points
Batman 28 points
Green Lantern 24 points
Wonder Woman 23 points
Elastigril 22 points
Captain America 16 points
Superman 15 points
Black Widow 10 points

Tier Team Captains

Below are the upperclassmen students either in Tier II or III that are currently serving as Tier Team captains:

David Duncan
Nicole Durell
Emily Golden
Selina Guevara
Hope Koene
Katie Mars
Elizabeth McDonald
Tucker Schweickart
David Shibley