Isabella Cannon Leadership Fellows

The Isabella Cannon Leadership Fellows program is a nationally recognized leadership development program designed to strengthen student's leadership skills and ability to impact themselves, their communities, and their worlds. The four year cohort experience builds a strong sense of community among the group and allows students to develop close mentoring relationships with faculty and staff. The incoming students are expected to be the next leaders of the Elon community. The Isabella Cannon Leadership Fellow was founded by former Mayor of Raleigh Isabella Cannon '24 in 1989.

Curricular Leadership Experiences

As a cohort, the first-year Fellows enroll in Elon 101 and COR 110 courses together. Second-year Fellows will continue the academic component of the Fellows program with a 200-level Leadership course and a domestic travel experience during Winter Term. All Fellows are required to complete the Leadership Studies Minor and complete thier cohorted academic experience with courses that support the completion of their common good (research and) change project.

Co-Curricular Leadership Experiences

Leadership Fellows begin developing their leadership skills by arriving to Elon early for orientation in August. Fellows participate in a community service project and team building exercises throughout their first few days on campus. The first-year Fellows collaborate with the Alamance Chamber of Commerce to facilitate Alamance Youth Leadership Academy (AYLA) workshops for middle school students throughout the year. The Fellows participate in the Leadership Education and Development Program throughout all four years; the LEAD Program is designed to help students better understand themselves as a leader, how to lead with others, and how to make an impact on their community. Additionally, each month, the Fellows attend a Fellows forum which brings together the four cohorts to hear from a leadership expert and for a discussion about a leadership topic.

Other Opportunities: Several Fellows have participated in other domestic and international programs such as LeaderShape and the Global Leadership Exchange.

Scholarships: Five first-year students will receive $5,500 scholarships, renewable annually, provided the recipient meets the requirements of the Leadership Fellows program, including successful completion of the Leadership Studies minor and the three tiers of the LEAD Program.

Global Study Grant: All Leadership Fellows receive a $1,000 Global Study Grant, which may be used for an Elon-approved study abroad or Study USA experience during the sophomore, junior, or senior years, provided the student remains active in the Leadership Fellows program. To receive this grant, they must complete the grant application. Additional information can be found here.

Graduation: Upon successful completion of the Leadership Fellows requirements, Leadership Fellows graduate with distinction as an Isabella Cannon Leadership Fellow. The Cannon Legacy is a life-long journey!

Lateral Entry: Up to 10 lateral entry positions into the Leadership Fellows program are available to first-year students who demonstrate an active commitment leadership, civic engagement, and/or social justice work.  If interested in joining the program, we encourage you to participate in the LEAD program or other co-curricular leadership development opportunities. Applications will be available in October and are due in November for lateral entry during the Winter term.

Apply here if you are a high school student interested in the Leadership Fellows program.