Advisor Workshops

The Center for Leadership is excited to offer several Student Organization Advisor workshops this year! All workshops are held in Ward Octagon. Please sign up via the Event Mangagement website.

Workshop Title & Registration LinksDate TimeLocationFacilitator
Organization Advisor Lunch 9/20/16 12:15-1:15 Moseley 217 TBD
Organization Advisor Lunch 10/12/15 12:15-1:15 Moseley 217 TBD
Organization Advisor Lunch 11/17/16 12:15-1:15 Moseley 217 TBD
Organization Advisor Recognition 12/1/16 TBD McKinnon D&E TBD

Other Helpful Information for Advisors

2015-2016 Elon University Advisor Handbook
The advisor handbook is updated each year and contains information regarding: honor code/student conduct, professional boundaries between faculty/staff and students, hazing, space requests, van and travel policies, fundraising, publicity, and more!

ACPA is a national organization for higher education. The Commission for Student Involvement, within ACPA, determined a need for an Advisor Manual that would be available online for advisors and practitioners.

The role of an advisor may vary based on the student organization and should be negotiated between student leaders and their advisor.  This form is designed for advisors and student leaders to check off their “agreement level” on each of these potential advisor roles (Modified from resources from Eastern Oregon University).
Did your organization just host an event?  Be sure to debrief it to make the next event even better!  Download a template to help you through the debrief meeting!


Look out for more learning opportunities and resources for organization advisors COMING SOON!

What events are available for student organizations

Student Leadership Workshops
These workshops are an opportunity for students to enhance their leadership skills and gain insight from members of the Elon community on leadership as it relates to specific areas of intertest (business, service, etc.).


Examples of consulting topics include, but are not limited to: facilitation of event debrief, event planning, conflict resolution, and boosting creativity. Experienced student leaders are available to assist student organizations.  These students can recommend specific university resources or help student groups reach their goal.  Contact for more information!


Frequently Asked Questions

How often are van ceritification trainings offered?

Van training is one step for faculty, staff, and students to become van certified.  Trainings are offered about once a month.  The training schedule can be found here.

What are some sources of funding?