There is a lot happening in the Center for Leadership!

Goodbye ICLP.. and hello LEAD Program!

The Center for Leadership spent a significant amount of time evaluating the Isabella Cannon Leadership Program. After gathering feedback from students, staff, and the Elon administration, the Center decided to roll out a new leadership program!!!!

Beginning in the Fall of 2012, ICLP was phased out and the new The Leadership Education and Development (LEAD) program was introduced. The LEAD program is a three tier self-paced program open to all students.  Upon completion of Tier One and Tier Two, students earn a leadership certificate.  Students who express an interest in deepening their leadership experience will then be invited to complete Tier Three and earn the distinction of a Cannon Leader.

One of the great aspects of the program is that students can begin the program at any point in their time at Elon and work at their own pace!