How are faculty and students using the Maker Hub?

Watch more videos of faculty and students talking about how they use the Maker Hub for class assignments, research, and their own curiosity.

Watch the Stories from the Maker Hub series on YouTube. 

Read more examples of faculty and student projects.

The Maker Hub is open to all Elon students, faculty and staff. It’s a space where you have free access to tools, supplies, materials, and knowledge that you can’t always access on your own. Read more about the Maker Hub on the FAQs page. 

Upcoming events

Everything happening in the Hub is the calendar below – including times when the Hub is reserved for a class. If the Hub is reserved, you may not be able to use certain equipment. Look at the event details for more information.

We offer regular in the Hub open to everyone at Elon. Click the button below to see what’s scheduled.


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