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Global IGF 2008 – Video from Day Three: The morning panel on The Transition from IPv4 to IPv6

Lewis Speaking IGF 2008Internet Protocol (IP) addresses are the numbers that uniquely identify and enable the connection of devices to the Internet. These devices can be an originating point, an intermediate point or a destination point. IP addresses are used by a process called routing to determine how to move data packets from an originating point through any intermediate point to a destination point. Two IP  versions have co-existed since 1999, 4 and 6. IPv4 is predominant, but the numbers in its pool are expected to be depleted within the next three to four years. IPv6 has not been globally adopted. As the Internet architecture is going through an adjustment period with both systems running in parallel, it is important to look at what will happen during this transition period until IPv6 becomes the predominant protocol of the Internet infrastructure.

Among the people featured in the video clips from this panel are Adiel Akplogan, of AFRINIC/NRO and Mauritius, and moderator Bernadette Lewis, secretary-general of the Caribbean Telecommunication Union, from Trinidad and Tobago, both pictured above in a screen-capture made during the process of gathering the video files for this page. There are some minor glitches in the video clips, including frozen images, sound dropouts and unsynched audio, but for the most part the content is good. These video clips are a remote capture of the live web-video stream produced from IGF. Due to technical limitations on the receiving end, some of the panel content was not recorded. A transcript of the complete session is available at a link below. These are QuickTime video files that require a high-speed connection. We will later link them on YouTube in a smaller, more convenient file size.

> Video clip 1: Adiel Akplogan on transitioning to IPv6
> Video clip 2: Kurt Lundqvist on challenges in transition
> Video clip 3: Jonne Soininen, Bernadette Lewis and Lundkvist on IPv6
> Video clip 4: Tulika Pandey on promoting IPv6
> Video clip 5: Answer to Uganda participant’s question on equipment
> Video clip 6: Satoru Yanagishima talks about Japan’s IPv6 implementation
> Video clip 7: Milton Mueller discusses policy and registries
> Video clip 8: Mueller and Akplogan on regional Internet registries (RIRs)

Full UN transcript of the Managing Critical Internet Issues panel titled “Transition from IPv4 to IPv6”

Additional information can be found on the IGF site.

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