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Global IGF 2008 – Video from Day Four: The end of the Emerging Issues discussion includes various regional reports

Kummer Speaking IGF PhotoThis session, led by Markus Kummer, executive director of the UN’s IGF Secretariat, allowed leaders of regional and dynamic-coalition initiatives to report back to the Internet Governance Forum about their efforts.

Among the participants in the presentation were Thomas Schneider of Switzerland, reporting on the EuroDIG – the European Dialogue on Internet Governance; Claudio Lenoci of the government of Italy, reporting on its initiative to support the formalization of Internet rights; Ernesto Majo of LACNIC, reporting about the Latin American and Caribbean community; Alun Michael, a member of the Parliament of the United Kingdom, reporting on the effort to start a UK IGF; Adiel Akplogan reporting on two initiatives in Africa, in Kenya and Senegal; and Max Senges of the Dynamic Coalition for an Internet Bill of Rights.

The video clips included here are a remote capture of the live web-video stream produced from IGF. The files have some dropouts, freezes, and other glitches, but for the most part the video and audio are clean and clear. Special thanks to the technical advisers who handled the video streaming from IGF to allow remote participants to play a role.

Due to technical limitations on the receiving end, some segments of some of the recorded IGF sessions are missing. The link to a UN PDF of the full transcript is included below.

These are QuickTime video files that require a high-speed connection. We will later link them on YouTube in a smaller, more convenient file size.

> Video clip 1: Thomas Schneider on EuroDIG
> Video clip 2: Claudio Lenoci speaks on behalf of the government of Italy
> Video clip 3: Ernesto Majo explains activities in Latin America and the Caribbean
> Video clip 4: Alun Michael on the UK IGF; Adiel Akplogan on African initiatives
> Video clip 5: Max Senges talks about the Bill of Rights movement

Full UN transcript of the Day Four discussion of Emerging Issues – The transcript covering these presentations is included at the end of this document.

Additional information can be found on the IGF site.

Majo Speaking IGF Photo