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Global IGF 2008 – Video from Day Four: The Internet Governance Caucus session on the Role and Mandate of the IGF

Graham Speaking IGF PhotoThis session, led by Lee McKnight of Syracuse University, was brought together by the civil society Internet Governance Caucus for the purpose of discussing the role of IGF as outlined by the WSIS process.

Among the participants in the presentation were Olga Cavalli, adviser for technology in the ministry of foreign affairs of Argentina; Robert Pepper of Cisco; Jeremy Malcolm, Consumers International; Bill Graham, Internet Society (pictured in the photo at left); Parminder Singh, of IT for Change and a co-coordinator of the Internet Governance Caucus.

The role and mandate of the Internet Governance Forum were set out in general terms at the World Summit on the Information Society, particularly in paragraph 72 of the Tunis Agenda. Since then, various interpretations of this general statement of the IGF’s role and mandate have been put forward and continue to be debated amongst its stakeholders. Some believe  there are elements of the IGF’s mandate that have been overlooked or minimized in its operation to date. Others maintain, to the contrary, that the IGF must contain the overreaching ambitions of those who would transform it from a non-binding forum for discussion into something more. Because IGF Hyderabad represents the midpoint in the initial 5-year term of the IGF it was pertinent at this midpoint to assess whether any structure and/or substance corrections are needed for the remaining part of its initial mandate and to look ahead at the emerging views on post-2010 arrangements for possible continuation of the IGF.

The video clips included here are a remote capture of the live web-video stream produced from IGF. The files have some dropouts, freezes, and other glitches, but for the most part the audio is clean and clear. Special thanks to the technical advisers who handled the video streaming from IGF to allow remote participants to play a role. Due to technical limitations on the receiving end, some segments of some of the recorded IGF sessions are missing.

These are QuickTime video files that require a high-speed connection. We will later link them on YouTube in a smaller, more convenient file size.

> Video clip 1: Parminder Singh of the Internet Governance Caucus
> Video clip 2: Jeremy Malcolm of Consumers International
> Video clip 3: Bill Graham of the Internet Society
> Video Clip 4: Wolfgang Kleinwachter, Lee McKnight, George Papadatos
> Video Clip 5: Bob Pepper of Cisco
> Video Clip 6: The panel on the role of the IGF

IGF description of this 2008 session
Report from IGF-Rio 2007 session titled “Fulfilling the Mandate of the IGF”

Panel Discussion Photo IGF 2008 Additional information can be found on the IGF site.