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Global IGF 2008 – Video from Day Four: Open ‘Taking Stock’ session, closing ceremony, chairman’s summary

Panel Speakers IGF 2008The final afternoon main-room session of IGF 2008, “Taking Stock and the Way Forward,” allowed participants to give feedback on the effectiveness of the meeting format. People attending this IGF were given more opportunities for direct participation in the organization of main sessions than in the previous two forums. This page also provides links to clips from the closing ceremony and the closing remarks of Nitin Desai, IGF Chairman.

The video clips included here were recorded from thousands of miles away from Hyderabad. They are a remote capture of the live web-video stream produced from IGF. The files have some dropouts, freezes and other glitches, but for the most part the video and audio are clean and clear. Special thanks to the technical advisers who handled the video streaming from IGF to allow remote participants to play a role.

“Point” people at the panel table for the “Taking Stock” session included Georges Papadatos of the government of Greece; N. Ravi Shanker of the government of India; and Jeff Brueggeman, VP for public policy with AT&T, and Katitza Rodriguez of the Electronic Privacy Information Center and a DiploFoundation associate, both pictured above.

These clips offer a sampling of the conversation on the last afternoon of IGF 2008. Due to technical limitations on the receiving end, some segments were not recorded. The clips are QuickTime video files that require a high-speed connection. We will later link them on YouTube in a smaller, more convenient file size.

> Video clip 1: Nitin Desai opens the session
> Video clip 2: George Papadatos of the government of Greece
> Video clip 3: N. Ravi Shanker, Department of Information Technology, government of India
> Video clip 4: Jeff Brueggeman, VP for public policy, AT&T, US
> Video clip 5: Katitza Rodriguez, Electronic Privacy Information Center
> Video clip 6: Alun Michael, member of UK Parliament
> Video clip 7: Representative of GenderIT.org
> Video clip 8: Maria, a participant from Brazil
> Video clip 9: Luis Magalhães of the Portuguese Knowledge Society Agency
> Video clip 10: Stephen Lau, CEO, EDS, Hong Kong
> Video clip 11: Alice Munyua, Kenya ICT Action Network; Patel, a participant from India
> Video clip 12: Wolfgang Kleinwächter of the University of Aarhus
> Video clip 13: Anjan Bose, ECPAT International, Bangkok; Stephen Lau
> Video clip 14: Jac Lee, ACP; Liesyl Franz, ITAA; Andrew Miller, UK member of Parliament
> Video clip 15: Part 2 of Andrew Miller; Gurumurthy Kasinathan of IT for Change
> Video clip 16: Unknown participant; Francis Muguet, ENSTA, France; Viola Krebs, ICVolunteers; Ayesha Hassan, International Chamber of Commerce
> Video clip 17: Peter Hellmonds Nokia Siemens Networks
> Video clip 18: Bertrand de La Chapelle of the government of France
> Video clip 19: Max Senges, Dynamic Coalition on Internet Bill of Rights; David Appasamy, Sify Technologies
> Video clip 20: Thomas Schneider, EuroDIG; unknown participant from India
> Video clip 21: Viola Krebs: Jean-Jacques Subrenat of the ICANN board of directors
> Video clip 22: Nitin Desai closes the session on Taking Stock

Closing ceremony
> Video clip 1: Anita Gurumurthy of IT for Change, India
> Video clip 2: Art Reilly of Cisco, representing ICC/BASIS
> Video clip 3: German Valdez, Asia-Pacific Network Information Center
> Video clip 4: Mohamed Higazy, ambassador of the government of Egypt

Full UN transcript of the Taking Stock session
Full UN transcript of the Closing Ceremony
Full UN transcript of Chairman’s Summary

Additional information can be found on the IGF site.

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