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Special events at ISOC Hall of Fame 2014

Charles Mok leads a discussion on the future of the Internet with inductees Karlheinz Brandenburg, Mahabir Pun and Radia Perlman; and a session titled “Open and Free Internet Forum” includes input from ICANN’s Fadi Chehade and Yu-Chuang Keuk, Pun, Perlman, Brandenburg, Ram Mohan and Pindar Wong. Use the video viewer to see their responses. Click on the first video to begin a player that will cycle through all videos or click on those you wish to view.

The videos linked in the player below are 1-to-20-minute clips featuring global Internet leaders who spoke at special events tied to the 2014 Internet Hall of Fame induction in Hong Kong.

The first video in the player is a 20-minute discussion between Charles Mok and Hall of Fame inductees Karlheinz Brandenburg, Mahabir Pun and Radia Perlman. The remaining clips are 1- to 6-minute highlight excerpts from the “Open and Free Internet Forum.” Participants included several HOF inductees and top leaders from the Internet Society (ISOC) and other global IT organizations.

These Internet leaders were in Hong Kong April 7-9, 2014, for the Internet Hall of Fame Induction, Internet Society events and the global IT Fest.

Conversation participants included:

Karlheinz Brandenburg, a driving force behind MPEG-1 Audio Layer 3 (MP3) and MPEG audio standards. His work has been crucial to the early years of Internet audio coding.

Radia Perlman, an Internet architect who has worked since the 1980s to design robust, scalable and easy-to-manage routing protocols, allowing people to share information with ease. She is expert in trust models and a coauthor of “Network Security.”

Mahabir Pun, founder of the Nepal Wireless Networking Project and tireless advocate since the 1990s for establishing the Internet in rural schools, promoting digital literacy and improving education.

Fadi Chehade, president and CEO of ICANN, the founder of RosettaNet. He previously worked for IBM and as a systems engineer for Bell Labs. He has been a catalyst for change since becoming ICANN CEO and is one of the leaders investigating the multistakeholder model of Internet governance.

Charles Mok, moderator for the Internet Society-sponsored panel discussion on the future of the Internet, a legislative councillor of Hong Kong and longtime Internet Society leader.

Yu-Chuang Kuek, vice president for global stakeholder engagement with ICANN-Asia and managing director of ICANN’s Singapore office.

Ram Mohan, executive vice president and chief technology officer for Affilias, a DNSSEC expert and a non-voting ICANN board member.

Pindar Wong, chairman of VeriFi Ltd., and Internet infrastructure consultancy and past chair of the Asia & Pacific Internet Association.

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– This Internet Hall of Fame 2014 video documentation was gathered by Mia Watkins, Jason Puckett, Brian Mezerski, Sky Cowans and Addie Haney, researchers from Elon University’s School of Communications, under the supervision of Anthony Hatcher, associate professor, Aaron Moger, university video producer, and Janna Anderson, associate professor and director of Imagining the Internet.