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Internet Society 25th Anniversary Events and 2017 Internet Hall of Fame Induction

ISOC 2017 Opening Forum Image The Internet Society – home to the key organizations that continue to evolve the Internet – is celebrating its 25th anniversary. The links shared below lead to multimedia reports from events ISOC hosted at the University of California-Los Angeles Sept. 18 and 19, including the induction of 14 new members to the Internet Hall of Fame, the unveiling of a major report examining the potential future of the Internet and interviews with Hall of Fame members and 28 young Internet leaders under the age of 25. The documentation of these events by Elon University’s Imagining the Internet Center reveals key people’s opinions about Internet trends and evolution, identifies issues and provides a record of their attitudes about the past, the present and the potential future.

The following links lead to pages packed with video clips, interviews and reports about people participating in the Internet Society 25th Anniversary events: 

1 – INTERNET HALL OF FAME INTERVIEWS: The 12 2017 inductees who traveled to LA for the induction in 10-minute, thought-provoking sessions

2 – 25 UNDER 25 SHARE HOPES AND FEARS: 25 young global Internet leaders under the age of 25 imagine what the future might bring

3 – HALL OF FAMERS’ HOPES AND FEARS: 12 new Internet Hall of Famers share their hopes and fears for the future of the Internet

4 – THE INTERNET FUTURES REPORT: ISOC releases its Internet Futures report, illuminating key trends and drivers that are shaping the future of the Internet

5 – INTERNET HALL OF FAME INDUCTION: Acceptance speeches and more details about the 14 new inductees into the Internet Hall of Fame

See a set of photos from many of these events on Flickr. 

The Imagining the Internet Interview Team

Multimedia reports from the Internet Society’s 25th Anniversary activities were conducted for the Imagining the Internet Center by undergraduate researchers Diego Pineda Davila, Melissa Douglas, Maya Eaglin, Alex Hager, Meg Malone, Alexandra Roat, Jared Mayerson and Erik Webb of Elon University’s School of Communications, under the supervision of Elon faculty Janna Anderson and David Bockino.

ISOC 2017 Imagining the Internet Team Photo