Elon has officially partnered with Credential Engine in an effort to improve transparency in the credentialing marketplace. There are over 300,000 unique credentials in the U.S., issued by authorities including postsecondary institutions, registered apprenticeships, bootcamp providers, among many others. Credential Engine is a cloud-based repository that hopes to be a centralized database for parties to register, search, and compare credentials. Credential Engine has also developed a Credential Transparency Description Language (CTDL), or a common language to describe key features of credentials, quality assurance groups, etc.

What is a credential?

A credential is a degree, certificate, license, badge, apprenticeship, or other recognition signifying educational attainment or skill mastery.

Elon University’s Office of the Registrar understands the importance of credentialing beyond the traditional student record. Our Visual Experiences Transcript is just one example of our office’s dedication to utilizing alternative credentialing in the marketplace. This partnership hopes to ensure that employers, institutions and students are able to clearly articulate skills and competencies needed in the workplace.

For more information go to Credential Engine