Paul Swanson: Buddhist Socialism in Japan: Thoughts on a Buddhist Monk and Martyr

Swanson presented on the life and times of Takagi Kenmyo, and examined his experiences and writings that attested to his role as one of a very few Buddhist priests who conscientiously opposed the official policies and social pressures of early 20th century Japan.

Dr. Neil Schmid – Pilgrimage on the Silk Road: Revitalizing Mind, Body, and Pocketbook

This talk examined the factors leading to the creation of Dunhuang as a pilgrimage site, its wealth of materials, slow decline, and its commercial and political revitalization.

Ripple 2017- Religional Interfaith Conference

The program includes panels like: Mindfulness Across Traditions: Christian, Buddhist, Muslim, Jewish & Secular and Buddhism Beyond Beliefs: Buddhism’s influence beyond religion in multiple disciplines and secular practices.

Stuff Happens…Stories of Change, Transition, and Transformation: Emily DeMaioNewton

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