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Admissions Requirements

Alamance Cuppola

Approximately 10,000 applications were received for the 1,425 available spaces for first-year and transfer students last year.

The most important factors in the admissions decision are the academic record (including courses taken, grades attained and class standing) followed by SAT or ACT scores with writing. We also consider the Guidance Counselor Evaluation, extracurricular activities and involvement, the essay and a student's potential to contribute positively to our campus environment.

For transfers, previous college work is the primary factor, followed by high school performance and SAT or ACT scores.

Applicants are encouraged to pursue a rigorous program of study throughout their four years of high school. We recommend the following distribution of courses:

English: 4 units required (3 units must be completed for admissions consideration)
Math: 3 units required (Algebra I, Algebra II and Geometry), 4 recommended
Science: 3 or more units, including at least one lab science
Social Studies: 3 or more units, including U.S. History
Foreign Language: 2 units required, 3 recommended (Students who have not completed at least two units in one foreign language must complete a 121-level foreign language course at Elon.)

For information on the application process, please visit Path of a First-Year Application.