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There are several important ways you can support the Student Professional Development Center.

Register as an Elon Career Mentor on LinkedIn:

Become a Elon Career Mentor by sharing your contact information and detail what assistance you are able to provide to students. It only takes a minute to sign up.

Post Jobs and Internships:

It’s easy to post an internship or job opportunity for Elon students and alumni on the Elon Job Network. 

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Refer an Employer:

As an Elon parent, you can play a key role in building inroads with employers who are receptive to recruiting Elon talent for internships or full-time positions.

Please complete the online form or feel free to contact us directly at careerservices@elon.edu or 877-356-3566.

Email Hot Sheets to your student!

Hot Sheets arejust a sampling of upcoming events and available job and internship opportunities. More can be found on the Elon Job Network.

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Feel free to "like" our Career Services Facebook page and stay in the loop about events and opportunities.