Overview of Important Links

SGA Organization Council

Student organizations are divided into clusters based on their mission (i.e. service, academic, honor, athletics, etc). Each cluster is assigned a SGA representative. The representative meets with organization leaders and votes in the best interest of their constituents. Click here to find out about your SGA Org Council Representative.

Office of Student Activities

The Office of Student Activites provides leadership opportunities and programming in an effort to enhance student life and establish skills through practical learning experiences. This is also the office you visit if you are interseted in starting a new organization. Click here to access the Student Activites website.

Event Planning Website

Learn how to plan successful events for your student organization. This website includes information about room reservations, catering, technology support, advertising, etc. Click here to access the Event Planning website.

Moseley Center Website

The Moseley Center website offers information about policies and procedures for students organizations. Click here to access the website.