Resources for Student Organizations

We are currently planning events for 2016! Please check back soon for more information. 

Student Leader Workshops: These workshops are an opportunity for students to enhance their leadership skills and gain insight from other students, faculty, community members, and staff on various leadership topics as they relate to specific area of interest (business, service, etc). 

Consulting Appointments: Come with questions or concerns about anything related to student organizations! Appointments can be made by emailing 

Customized Workshops: Request a workshop that meets your organization's needs by completing an online request formThe Center for Leadership staff is prepared to provide customize workshops in many areas including: Effective Meetings, Transitioning LeadershipRecruitment & Retention, Team Building, Conflict Resolution, Goal Setting

Organization Development Resources

Check out the valuable information in these resource packets!







Effective Transitions

Sustainability Guide

Goal Setting

Leader Burnout

Coming soon!

Coming soon!

Marketing Resources

Advertising on Digital Boards: The Moseley Center offers digital posters that students, faculty, and staff can use to promote campus organization and events.  Click here to find all the information policies and procedures in regards to the digital advertisement.

Advertising on Table Tents: Elon Dining Services allows student organizations to feature their events on table tents in the dining halls. Click here to learn more.

Advertising in the Pendulum: Reach students through the campus newspaper. Click here to learn more.

Flyers & Advertisment Policies:Click here to learn more about Elon's posting policy.

Event Planning Resources

Check out the Student Activities website and the Event Planning website for more information!

Activities for Exec & General Body Meetings

Icebreakers for Meeting/RetreatsOnline SWOT AnalysisRetreat Locations

Movie Discussion Questions

For more information or to request services contact:

Organization Development Directors

Luke Reyes-Guerra-Dunn & Emily Golden