Phase IV: The Common Good

PhaseIV of the program is specifically designed for students to learn that effective leadership must have a positive impact on the COMMON GOOD. People who know themselves, collaborate with others and create change are not necessarily leaders. Leaders must care passionately about their cause and the people it serves and impacts.


Through a variety of experiences, participants will examine their personal styles, further discuss integrity, and transfer their leadership learning to the campus and community.

The successful participant will:

  • Attend a Phase IV retreat and monthly capstone discussions
  • Complete a campus community climate project
  • Coordinate the Phase II "How to Lead" Retreat
  • Attend leadership connection workshops and leadership speakers
  • Present his or her legacy to a review board.

Students who complete all four phases graduate as Isabella Cannon Distinguished Leaders. Ultimately, students will have made a significant impact while in college, but more important, they are prepared to succeed in graduate and professional schools, their first jobs in their chosen careers and within their lives of leadership. An Elon leader will exercise civic responsibility, taking action and engaging others to make a positive difference for the common good.