Elon has more than a dozen active religious and spiritual life organizations on campus.  If you are interested in learning more about how to become involved in any of these orgnizations, their meeting times and the contact information for their leadership is listed below. 

Don't see what you're looking for? Contact Chaplain Jan Fuller or Assistant Chaplain Adam Miller-Stubbendick to talk about starting your own!

The religious and spiritual life organizations on campus all agree to a pledge of cooperation.

Are you organizing a religious or spiritual life organization's trip off campus?  Everyone going on the trip (including advisors) needs to have a  Travel and Waiver Form filled out and on file. In addition, please turn in an itinerary for the trip complete with advisor's names and cell numbers, mode of transportation (i.e., personal cars, Moseley vans, air travel, etc.), and names of all drivers.


Fridays, 5:00-6:00 pm, McCoy Commons (Oaks), Room 207
Student Leader:   Donovan Rainey
Fac/Staff Advisor: Chris Esters, 278-7446

Baptist Student Union is a intimate group (15-25) that meets weekly for food, fellowship and Bible studies. Although the name suggests “Baptist”, we come from a variety of Christian backgrounds and denominations.
Thursdays, 5:00 pm, Moseley Center, Room 215
Student Leaders:  Samantha Coffer and Kristen Iler
Fac/Staff Advisors:  Debbie Perry, 278-5877 and Laura Kappert, 278-5085
Campus Outreach is an interdenominational organization which seeks to develop spiritual leaders on the college campus. We provide a variety of opportunities for students to investigate Christianity and grow spiritually while at Elon. Some of these opportunities include Bible studies, large group meetings, retreats and conferences. If you would like any more information about this ministry, feel free to contact Pat Mauney or visit our Facebook page. 

Mondays, 8:00 pm, Moseley Center, Room 103
Student Leaders:   Claire Mayo and Benjamin Perron
Fac/Staff Advisors:   Tony Rose, 278-5069 and Stephen Byrd,  278-5438
Campus Ministers:  Patrick Mauney, David Springer
, Julie Nichols

Catholic Campus Ministry is a vibrant group of students who worship together at Mass on Wednesday and Sunday evenings and become involved in numerous service opportunities throughout the week. CCM conducts retreats each semester and alternative spring breaks both domestically and abroad. The students in CCM have big hearts and want to deepen their faith while they are in college. Check CCM on Facebook for more information.
Wednesday Mass, 7:30 pm, Holt Chapel
Friday Mass, 12:10pm, Numen Lumen Pavilion, Sacred Space
Sunday Mass, 4:00 & 6:00 PM, Elon Community Church

Student Leader:      Jordan Cottle
Fac/Staff Advisor:    Amanda Zamzes, 278-7468
Campus Minister:  Father Gerry Waterman, OFM Conv., 278-7355,
Business Manager:  T. Huynh-Duc, 278-7363
Peer Ministry Coordinator.:  Caroline McKinney, 278-7363
Elon Gospel Choir
Gospel Choir is a ministry used to unite students who have a mutual interest in music, a love for singing, and a love for Jesus Christ. Gosepl Choir is a ministry who serves to provide students with an environment that embodies a feeling of togetherness and family. Check our Facebook page for updates and information.
Thursdays, 8:00 pm, Numen Lumen Pavilion, Sacred Space
Student Leader: Briana Cauthen
Fac/Staff Advisor:  Christine Esters, 278-7215
Greek Heritage and Culture
Contact for Meeting Information
Student Leader: Georgios Tarasidis
Fac/Staff Advisor: Vitaliy Strohush, 278-5940
Elon Hillel is the home for Jewish life on campus, providing social, religious, educational, and social justice opportunities for students, faculty, and staff.  Elon Hillel is housed in the Sklut Hillel Center at the corner of E. College and Antioch (across from the tennis courts).  Hillel is a community that serves the 450+ Jewish students on campus, and is not a membership organization.  Hillel hosts a weekly Shabbat program, observances and celebrations of Jewish holidays, Taglit-Birthright trips to Israel, alternative spring break trips, social and social justice activities.  Check the website and Elon Hillel on Facebook for details.
Board Meetings Wednesdays, 8 pm, Sklut Hillel Center
See Hillel Website for updates
Student Leaders:  Alli Ginsburg and Allie Roteman
Hillel Director: Nancy Luberoff, 278-7729 
Hillel Associate: Ginny Vellani 278-7729
Fac/Staff Advisors: Jeff Stein, 278-7304 and Richard Landesberg , 278-5112
ICE: Interfaith Community at Elon
As an interfaith organization ICE engages students from all religious, non-religious, and philosophical traditions in order to become aware of the shared values among them. We believe the following three components are essential for interfaith cooperation: 1) respect for individual religious or non-religious identity; 2) mutually inspiring relationships; 3) and common action for the common good.
Contact for Meeting Information
Student Leaders:  Shelby Lewis and Matt Johnston
Fac/Staff Advisor: Anthony Hatcher, 278-5774
InterVarsity Christian Fellowship is a non-denominational Christian ministry on campus. The heart the IV ministry is our student-led small group communities. These are places to know and be known, to know God through scripture study, and to have fun! We also have weekly Large Group meetings as well as retreats/conferences throughout the year.
Tuesdays, 9 pm, Sacred Space, Numen Lumen Pavilion
Student Leader:  Georgia Lee
Campus Staff: Doug Arms, 278-7356  and Christy Gregory 278-7356
Founded in the Rinzai Zen tradition and affiliated with the North Carolina Zen Center, Iron Tree Blooming is Elon University's meditation organization. Ours is a tradition-based not a faith-based organization. We provide an opportunity for all interested students, staff, and faculty to learn about and practice meditation in community with others.   On average, twenty members attend weekly sittings. Iron Tree Blooming offers public sittings each week and special end-of-semester and Earth Day sittings.
Thursdays, 4:15 pm, Numen Lumen 201
Student Leader:   Kelly Foran
Fac/Staff Advisor:  Barbara Gordon,  278-5619
Latter-Day Saint Student Association
Student Leaders: Szengar Lau and Kyle Gay
Fac/Staff Advisor: Shawn Tucker, 278-5741
LEAF gathers for worship every Sunday at 4:00pm in Sacred Space and after worship, local congregations sponsor a meal. LEAF also meets on Thursday evenings at 7pm for Bible study and group discussions. Other activities throughout the year include retreats, hiking, movies, plays, and community service. 
Sundays, 4:00 pm, Sacred Space. Numen Lumen Pavilion
Student Leader:  Lauren Packard 
Fac/Staff Advisor:   Loura Burnette, 278-7460
Campus Minister:  Courtney Davis-Shoemaker, 278-7729

Methodist Fellowship is a Methodist based Christian organization that welcomes individuals of all traditions.  Our typical meetings start with a meal from one of our supporting churches and then we hold a bible study led by fellow students.  We volunteer together once a month and host a biannual Cookie Walk, where we provide a cookie break to our fellow student while collecting canned goods.

Mondays, 7:00 pm, Numen Lumen Pavilion 201

Student Leader:  Pamela Gutermuth
Fac/Staff Advisor:  Art Cassill, 278-5921

Muslim Student Association
Founded in 2011, Elon’s Muslim Students Association is committed to promoting understanding and awareness of the Islamic faith. MSA facilitates events and services for Muslim students to engage their faith and for others on campus to interact with Muslims.  We provide space on campus for students to discover Muslim traditions, cultures and beliefs while interacting  first hand with one another.
Student Leader:  Nada Azem
Fac/Staff Advisor: Shereen Elgamal, 278-5553 
Campus Muslim Coordinator: Eesaa Wood, 278-7729
Presbyterian Student Fellowship
Presbyterian Student Fellowship(PSF) is a progressive faith organization dedicated to exploring and discovering faith with college students; empowering them to live out their faith with a hunger for justice, peace, and service to others. PSF works to foster a welcoming and nurturing Christian community in which students are invited to participate in fellowship. Worship, and service with one another.
Wednesdays, 9 pm, Numen Lumen Pavilion 214
Student Leader:   Emily McCachren
Fac/Staff Advisor: Barry Bradberry, 278-3566 and Happy Kerns, 278-5715
Campus Minister:  Peter Thompson
SANE (Student Atheist and Non-religious at Elon)
SANE is an organization designed to promote free thinking thought patterns and unity through interfaith engagement and respect for non theists and atheists alike.
Email leadership for meeting times
Student Leaders: Broadway Jackson and Elizabeth Nichols
Fac/Staff Advisor: Pamela Winfield, 278-6092
Sigma Alpha Omega® is a national Christian social sorority and Elon's chapter, the Gamma chapter, was founded in 2001. We hold a recruitment every spring semester. We promote Ovarian Cancer Awareness, our philanthropy, participate in National Service Week in February, and plan retreats that help us grow as a sisterhood. Every week we meet as a whole chapter and have a Bible study. Visit our blog for more information. 
Contact for Meeting Information
Student Leader:    Margaret Kulman
Fac/Staff Advisor:  Linda Somers, 278-6720
Young Life College 
Young Life College is a non-denominational Christian organization.  Regardless of where students are in their religious beliefs, Young Life College offers them a community to be a part of where they can enjoy college and be loved for who they are.  College students are nurtured, guided and encouraged to learn what it means to be a committed follower of Jesus Christ.  There are weekly meetings and fun activities through-out the semester; like tailgating for football games, Lumberjack Pancake dinners, Luau Party, and a beach and mountain weekend trip. For more information visit our Facebook page.
Wednesdays, 9:00 pm, Moseley Center, Room 215
Student Leader: Meredith Citty
Advisor: Crystie Beroth   
Fac/Staff Advisor:  Susan Lindley, 278-7220