Residence Life

One • Community • World 


Our purpose in Residence Life is to help students to develop as individuals, build dynamic communities, and engage in and prepare for global citizenship.  At the core of our philosophy is the idea that individuals’ actions affect the community and relate to how we should act in the larger world.

The model focuses on 3 distinct areas:


to develop purpose



 to develop relationships



 to become an engaged/active participant




What do we mean by OCW?

The idea is by forming a stronger self, we can strengthen our community; thereby, creating a stronger world.  

The One*Community*World Residence Life Programming Philosophy embodies our mission to create environments that engage and support individual students in active learning and developing enriched communities.  This philosophy is the basis of who we are and what we aspire to do in Residence Life.

How do we employ OCW?

Each semester our professional staff develop learning outcomes based in the OCW philosophy that cover topics in the following areas:  Life Skills, Leadership Development, Citizenship, Diversity/Multiculturalism, and Identity.  Using the learning objectives to guide their work, our student staff members then create programs, activities, and bulletin boards to meet their assigned objectives.

The result is an engaging environment for our students that provides a multitude of learning opportunities outside the classroom.