Ready for a step-up from the Take & Make kits? This Fall, we’re introducing Stay & Make kits – projects that are a little more involved and require tools in the Maker Hub. The goal is to give you experience with a tool and build your confidence with that tool. Oh, and don’t worry about being trained. For these Stay & Make projects, no training is required. We’re hoping once you see how cool the tools are, you’ll complete the Tool Trainings and make other cool stuff.

A couple of notes about Stay & Make kits:

  • These kits are available first-come, first-serve. We can’t reserve a kit for you.
  • Please note the location and release date for each project – they are only available in that location, starting when we open on that day.
  • Two of these projects involve the laser engraver. For the Stay & Make projects, you do NOT have to be trained on the laser to make these projects. Our Consultants will operate the laser for you.
  • We can’t let you leave with a kit until you make it. Please plan to make the project when you pick it up.


Custom Dry Erase Calendar

Picture of the whiteboards

Need a way to share your schedule with your roommates? This whiteboard calendar could be the answer. In this project, you’ll laser engrave a blank weekly or monthly calendar onto a piece of white acrylic. You can also include your name, an icon, or something else to personalize it. We provide the dry erase marker and a way to hang it.

  • Available starting: Aug. 30, 2021
  • Location: Maker Hub – Downtown
  • How long will it take? under an hour


When you arrive in the Maker Hub, ask a student Consultant for help.

  • Templates: Here are Illustrator files for the weekly and monthly calendars. Feel free to customize them however you’d like. The final size should be 8 inches wide by 6 inches tall.
  • Other notes: Use a dry erase marker to fill in the engraving lines.

Cardboard Hanging Light

Picture of the cardboard hanging lightNeed a little more light in your room? In this project, you’ll use a Xacto knife to cut strips of cardboard, fold them, and hot glue them together. The end result is a contemporary lamp shade for your apartment. We provide the cardboard, paint (if you’d like to add color), hanging pendant light with a 15-foot cord, an LED bulb, and a hook.

  • Available starting: Sept. 13, 2021
  • Location: Maker Hub – Colonnades
  • How long will it take? At least an hour, longer if you’d like to paint it.
  • How many are available? 29


Here is a modified version of the tutorial (Elon login required) that you should use in the Maker Hub. The original project is from

Custom Book Ends

Picture of bookends without booksPicture of bookends with booksYou still have printed books, right? If so, you can make this customizable bookends. In this project, you’ll laser engrave a graphic, text, or whatever you’d like onto clear acrylic (plastic). Then, you’ll use an acrylic bender to heat a portion of the material and bend it. It’s really fun! We provide the acrylic (it’s actually repurposed from COVID barriers!) and no experience with the laser is required.

  • Available starting: Sept. 27
  • Location: Maker Hub – Downtown
  • How long will it take? 30 mins, longer the more you laser engrave.
  • How many are available? 30


Zipper Pouch

Image of three sizes of zipper pouchesHave a bunch of loose stuff in your backpack? Sew one of these pouches and keep it organized. In this project, you’ll use a sewing machine to make a small pouch out of nylon, complete with a zipper. The kits are for a medium-sized pouch – the middle one in the image to the right. We provide the kits with all the material you’ll need. This project is a great introduction to the sewing machine.

  • Available starting: Oct. 11
  • Location: Maker Hub – Colonnades
  • How long will it take? Plan to spend at least an hour
  • How many are available? 29