4990 Teaching and Learning Apprenticeships

Registration Requirements

  • Faculty members invite students to consider a 4990 experience;
  • The TLA must have a) completed the course for which she/he will be a TLA with a grade of at least an A-, b) completed higher level relevant course work that prepares the student to be a TLA with a minimum of B+, or c) by permission of the department chair;
  • The TLA mush have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher;
  • The TLA must have junior or senior standing;
  • A registration form must be completed and submitted prior to the first day of class for which the student will serve as a TLA. The form will require a syllabus for 4990, the course syllabus for which the student will serve as a TLA, and the signatures of the TLA, faculty mentor, the TLA’s faculty advisor, the department chair/program director or coordinator, and the Dean of Elon College.

General Goals for 4990

  • Each 4990 experience will have specific goals and objectives relevant to the particular professor
    and class. These will be identified by the professor and student prior to beginning the experience
    and will be listed on the syllabus. In addition to those specific objectives and goals, the
    following are intended to be general overall goals for every experience: Students will be
    introduced to some aspects of college teaching; explore the complexity of the discipline through
    mentoring and supporting other students; enhance their critical thinking skills; improve their
    communication skills; develop their leadership skills; provide additional learning opportunities
    for all students in the class for which the student serves as an apprentice; develop a deeper sense
    of commitment to and appreciation for the discipline; and be better prepared for experiences they
    may encounter during graduate education.

Course Syllabus

The course syllabus, which is required for 4990 registrations, must include the following:

  • A clear plan for mentoring;
  • Information regarding required activities for the 4990 experience (e.g., attending the class);
  • Assignments requiring integration/application of relevant learning and student reflection;
  • Expected student learning outcomes, informed and guided by the learning goals of the 4990;
  • Methods of assessment/grading;
  • Expected commitment in terms of number of hours and number of semester hour credits;
  • Information pertaining to the TLA’s responsibilities with respect to ethical behavior as outlined in the TLA policy

General Expectations*

  • Attend the class and complete the readings for the course;
  • Engage with the professor regarding course design and development of assignments. The involvement of TLA’s may range from collaboration in course/assignment development to discussions with the faculty member to understand the process of a course/assignment design;
  • Participate in class to facilitate student learning;
  • Be responsible for some active teaching (e.g., co-teaching a class; preparing and presenting a class or leading a class discussion);
  • Work with students outside class time who need assistance;
  • Hold regular office hours that supplement those held by the professor;
  • Meet regularly with the mentor (course instructor).

*Additional or modified expectations may be based on department TLA proposal.