Studying Abroad Currently

Study abroad students will receive a point for each semester they study abroad as part of an Elon recognized study abroad program.

Please be aware that if you study abroad in the spring semester (2023) you are not eligible to retain your fall assignment (2022).

With the housing selection process being online it will help students who will be abroad during the application process. A student who is abroad can leave his or her information with a designated member of the group they are wishing to live with in the next academic year.

Studying Abroad During 2023-2024

Students who will not live on campus during the fall 2023 semester should not participate in the housing selection process. This process is only for students who will need housing during the fall.

If you have not yet found out whether you will be abroad prior to the start of your housing phase, you are encouraged to sign up for a residence hall assignment. Due to the nature of our on-campus leases, if there is a chance you may study abroad in the fall or spring, or if you have been admitted but have not received final confirmation, you should NOT sign up for an apartment space.

If you will be abroad in fall, you will receive information in November about applying for winter/spring housing. You should not pay the housing deposit for fall.

Knowingly signing a lease for an apartment space that you do not intend to live in during the fall is considered to be a violation of the honor code.

Residence Hall Assignments

If you are selected to study abroad for the fall 2023, please understand you relinquish the space that you applied for during the housing selection process.

Apartment Assignments

If you are selected to study abroad at any time after signing up for the space, please understand that you must fill your apartment space while you are abroad or pay for the space during the semester you are gone. If you do not find a student to fill your spot, residence life will continue to charge you for the space while you are abroad.