REL 202 Hindu Traditions: This course introduces students to Hindu religious traditions and traces their development from Vedic times to the present day.

REL 360 Hindu Goddesses: From Myths to Movies: This course introduces several of the most important Hindu goddesses and considers how they are represented, characterized and embodied in textual, performance and ritual traditions.

REL 362 Heroes, Saints, and Demons: Hindu Textual Traditions: This course examines a selection of written, oral and performed texts associated with Hindu traditions in their various social, historical and religious contexts.

POL 362 India & South Asia: This course analyzes political development and international relations in South Asia, with a focus on India and Pakistan, from the late colonial period to the present day.

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Majors & Minors

Religious Studies Major

The Religious Studies major introduces students to major religious traditions of the world and equips them to use methods from the humanities and social sciences to understand religious texts, art, doctrines, practices, ethics, institutions, and cultures.

International & Global Studies Major with Asia Concentration

This major provides an interdisciplinary approach to the critical study of global issues and globalization more generally. Students will gain a broad knowledge of international and global affairs as well as proficiency in one of the world’s regions (Europe, Latin America, Asia, Middle East and Africa).

Asian Studies Minor

The Asian Studies minor at Elon offers students an interdisciplinary program to study the art, history, geography, religion, languages, philosophy, politics, economics and and societies of this vast, diverse continent.

Interreligious Studies Minor

The Interreligious Studies minor is a multi-disciplinary minor located within the Religious Studies department that focuses on historical and contemporary encounters between and interactions among distinct religious communities and/or traditions.


Undergraduate Research is one of the five Elon Experiences.

A regionally focused research community, the South Asia Undergraduate Research Group at Elon (SARGE) supports students and faculty engaged in research in or on South Asia. They meet regularly to support student projects related their research. For more information contact Dr. Amy Allocco.

Study Abroad

GBL 286: India’s Identities: Religion, Caste and Gender In Contemporary South India: This Winter Term course emphasizes the diversity of contemporary Indian identities, devoting particular attention to religion, caste, and gender.

GST 236-SL/IS: Science Education and Development: Through this service-learning study abroad course to Kerala, India, Elon students will monitor activities related to hands-on science exhibits in a traveling science center. Through close interaction with our partners and through contacts with schoolchildren and teachers, the students will develop an appreciation for the lifestyle in Kerala, for the concerns and aspirations of their Indian peers, and for the development successes, needs and strategies in the state.

GST 208: India/Dubai: Business & Culture of the Indo-Gulf: This study abroad course focuses on one of these key economies, India, and its close trading partner, Dubai.

India, Manipal: Indian Studies & Public Health at Manipal University (Alliance): Students will study Public Health and Indian Studies through the Alliance for Global Education.  The program is based at Manipal University, a premier private university known throughout India and around the world for its strong medical college and health science programs.

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Multifaith Scholars Program

Multifaith Scholars Program

The Multifaith Scholars Program is a two-year, closely mentored, experientially rich and academically rigorous educational opportunity for juniors and seniors who show great potential as intellectually curious and socially engaged multifaith leaders. Each year, five rising juniors will be selected for the Multifaith Scholars Program and granted a total of $5,000 each in funding for their research projects. Working with mentors, they will study abroad, do internships, work with community partners and conduct research to develop skills as multifaith leaders.