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Journalism major

Journalism serves an essential role in democracy by keeping citizens informed about their world. The news and information gained through reporting, writing, editing and visual journalism reaches the public through print, broadcast, online and mobile channels.

A Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in Journalism requires 52 credit hours in Communications, plus the 2-hour GST 115 Public Speaking course. Students must complete a minimum of 72 credit hours outside of Communications, including an academic minor or double major or a semester abroad in an Elon-approved program.

Effective Fall 2014, here is the curriculum for the B.A. in Journalism:

COM 100 Communications in a Global Age (4)

COM 110 Media Writing (4)

COM 210 Web and Mobile Communications (1)

COM 220 Creating Multimedia Content (3)

COM 250 Journalism in a Free Society (4)

COM 310 Reporting for the Public Good OR COM 311 Broadcast News Writing (4)

COM 315 Multimedia News Production (4)

COM 320 Editing and Design OR COM 351 Television News Reporting (4)

COM 381 Communications Internship (1 or 2)

COM 395 Great Ideas: Issues and Research (4)

COM 400 Media Law and Ethics (4)

COM 450 Multimedia Journalism (4)

Choice of Communications electives to total at least 52 COM hours. Eight hours of COM electives are waived for any student completing a double major outside Communications.

Students who entered Elon in 2012-13 or earlier have the choice of remaining in their existing curriculum (see box to the right) or shifting to the new curriculum. Students who entered Elon in 2013-14 will choose among the majors that go into effect in Fall 2014.

This page was updated on June 30, 2014.

Pre-2014 Curriculum

Students who entered Elon in 2012-13 or earlier have the choice of remaining in their existing curriculum or moving to the new curriculum that went into effect in Fall 2014.

Course Equivalencies
in Communications

Journalism curriculum
prior to 2014

Strategic Communications
curriculum prior to 2014

Broadcast & New Media
curriculum prior to 2014

Cinema curriculum
prior to 2014

Communication Science
curriculum prior to 2014

Below are pre-2014 COM course listings, COM course listings in effect for 2014 and course equivalencies.

Pre-2014 COM course listing

COM course listing, Fall 2014