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Elon University Intercollegiate Athletics NCAA Division I

If you are a high school athlete who is interested in Intercollegiate Athletics at Elon, please read the following NCAA policies.

Elon Phoenix Basketball

Academic Requirements

  • You must meet the NCAA Division I academic eligibility requirements, which set a minimum standard for athletics eligibility.
  • You must register and be certified by the NCAA Initial-Eligibility Clearinghouse. Your guidance counselor should be able to provide you with the necessary information.
  • Initial-eligibility certification pertains only to whether you meet the NCAA requirements for participation as a freshman and has no bearing on your admission to Elon University.
  • Admission to Elon University is governed by the entrance requirements of the university.

Recruiting Information

  • Members of an institution's department of intercollegiate athletics are governed by NCAA regulations and are not permitted to recruit a prospect except as permitted by these rules.
  • Prospects who are not being recruited by the athletics department and are interested in participating in varsity athletics should print and fill out the athletics questionnaire. Players are also permitted to send an athletics resume directly to the coach.
  • After receiving the questionnaire or player resume, the coach will then contact you as permissible by NCAA rules if he/she is interested in receiving additional information.

Telephone Contact

  • The NCAA restricts coaches as to when and how often they may initiate phone calls and return calls to prospects or their family members.
  • Coaches may receive telephone calls placed by a prospect at any time.
  • Coaches are not permitted to call prospects or their family members or return phone calls prior to July 1 following the prospect's completion of their junior year in high school (exceptions: Football - one call in May of junior year and then not again until September 1 of senior year. Basketball - one call either on or after June 21 of junior year and three calls in July).

Campus Visits

  • Prospects may visit a NCAA institution at their own expense (unofficial visit) an unlimited number of times. There are certain NCAA rules that may prohibit you from meeting with a coach on those occasions.
  • Prospects may take five expense-paid visits (official visits) to NCAA institutions. Official visits are by invitation only, and basketball and football are limited in the number of visits they may provide.
  • Typically, coaches do not meet with prospects of which they did not initiate recruitment until they have received a questionnaire or player resume.
  • If you want to meet with a coach, you can call the coach prior to your visit to set up an appointment. (Keep in mind that the coach may not be able to return your call).

Financial Aid

  • The Department of Intercollegiate Athletics grants performance-based scholarships to athletes in compliance with NCAA guidelines.
  • Scholarship amounts vary and allocation of these awards is at the discretion of the head coach in each sport.
  • NCAA rules guide the number of positions available for recruited athletes whether or not they receive any athletically related financial aid, which results in limited spaces available for recruited scholarship or non-scholarship players in each season.

Tryout Information

  • Prospects not recruited to participate in a varsity sport will have the opportunity to try out for any walk-on positions that may be available after they are enrolled in the university as full-time students.
  • In addition to participation as an athlete, the athletics department provides for other types of involvement within athletics, some of which may offer financial assistance such as: managers, statisticians, videographers and student assistants with a team or with another area of the athletics department