Morocco Interfaith Immersion Trip:

Each summer, the Truitt Center for Religious and Spiritual Life partners with the non-profit Friendship Force Club of Azrou, Morocco to create an interfaith and cultural immersion opportunity.  This ten-day trip offers the opportunity to learn more about the religious and cultural heritage of Morocco by visiting mosques, participating in a homestay, performing community serivce, touring historic sites, and attending lectures. 


Tentative Itinerary:

Day 1: Arrive in Casablanca.  Visit Mosque Hassan II.  Lecture on Islamic architechure, arts, and principles.  Tour city and learn about The Bridge of Cultures Organization. 

Day 2: Drive to Rabat.  Panel discussion about interfaith dialogue and engagement in Isalm.  Visit to Mohammed V masoleum where King Hassan II and King Mohammed V are burried.  Visit local monuments.  Meet host families. 

Day 3: Discussion about women and Islam in Morocco.  Learn about Islamic education in Moroccan schools.  Activities with local school children. 

Day 4: Travel to Meknes the capital of Morocco in the 17th century.  Lesson on the history of the city.  Opportunity to tour the city and visit monuments.  Head to the Roman city Volubilis to visit the Roman ruins.  Travel to Fes. 

Day 5: Guided tour of Fes.  Opportunity to explore the Kings Palace, tanneries, the Medrassa, the mosoleum of Moulay Driss II, the founder of Fes.  Meeting and discussion with local community members about the religious development and reforms in Morocco. 

Day 6: Drive to Azrou.  En route, stop in Ifrane (The little Switzerland) and visit a stone lion sculpted during the World War II.  View a 9 century old cedar tree and the monkeys that live in the area. 

Day 7: Visit a women's cooperative outside of Azrou.  Learn about the Amazigh (Berber) culture and the religious beliefs and practices in the rural areas.  Lunch is a cooking workshop with the women of the cooperative. 

Day 8: Visit the university and meet with students and community members.  Experience a traditional Hamam (bath) and a henna ceremony for the girls. 

Day 9: Return to Casablanca.  Tour the city. 

Day 10: Head to airport and depart for the home. 



Cost: Approximately $2,500

Please continue to check the website for an updated cost estimate.  The trip has historically cost approximately $2000 per person, but this number varries upon the number of participants, cost of airline tickets, etc.  If you are interested in attending this trip, but the cost would be prohibitive, we encourage you to look into fundraising and scholarship opportunties. 
If you are interested in learning more about this trip please email Assistant Chaplain Lauren Emery or call 278-7729.