Pledge of Cooperation among Religious Life Organizations and Ministries at Elon University          

The Religious Life Groups under the umbrella of the Truitt Center for Religious and Spiritual Life have signed the Pledge of Cooperation:

We pledge to foster a sense of fellowship and community and to respect the religious pluralism of the Elon University community by:

  • Working in a spirit of cooperation and good will to support and affirm the programs of each Religious Life Group.
  • Working together to create and carry out programming for the entire University community, informing the community of our religious traditions and their histories.
  • Encouraging regular gatherings of the leadership of all Religious and Spiritual Life Organizations.
  • Refraining from pressuring or manipulating others into participation in Religious and Spiritual Life groups.   While we encourage student’s critical and independent thinking and affirm the value of voluntary reflection and questions about belief, we refrain from demeaning or judging others’ religious heritage or eternal standing, and will work with our students likewise.
  • Sharing our faith/religious traditions and beliefs only with those who invite us, and doing so in respectful unpressured ways that allow for dialogue and dissent. 
  • Agreeing to abide by the Faith Sharing and Proselytizing Policies of the University.
  • Making our group’s affiliation clearly know in our contact with others on and off the Elon University Campus in all correspondence and flyers, even when they include off-campus constituents.
  • Being responsive and accountable to the Truitt Center for Religious and Spiritual Life and the University Chaplain, the Religious Life organizations council, and the Office of Student Life.
  • As a person with a vocation to work in a multi-faith setting, we pledge to respond to individuals in need of our compassion and advocacy beyond, as well as within, our own faith communities.