Multi-faith at Elon

"SAGES is a very important group for Elon's community.  At a basic level, how can we connect with every human being regardless of creed, faith, or dogma?  To me, this is the most important question we are trying to answer as a group.  If Elon students are going to be global citizens, we have to learn how to connect with people from all types of backgrounds.  This is what we are trying to discover." - Cole Harbur '16

Multi-faith SAGES is our signature multi-faith engagement program. Through SAGES, students experience religious and spiritual diversity and build relationships with people from diverse faith traditions and worldviews. SAGES is for students who love interactions with those who are different, appreciate religious and spiritual diversity and what it can teach us, want to be peace-makers who promote honest and respectful dialogue with others, and seek greater self-awareness of their own identity and values. To learn more and get involved, contact Carrie Seigler or Jan Fuller.

Multifaith Student Council consists of student leaders from all of our Religious and Spiritual Life organizations, responsible for facilitating collaboration and promoting religious tolerance and interfaith dialogue on campus.  The Council is advised by University Chaplain Jan Fuller and Multifaith Coordinator Carrie Seigler.