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  • Declaration of the Bab - Baha'i

    This holiday from the Baha'i faith tradition recognizes the declaration in 1844 by Ali Muhammed that he was the anticipated "Coming One" of all religions. Work is suspended on this day. This holiday begins at sundown on May 22 and ends at sundown on May 23.

  • Baccalaureate

    Baccalaureate is a university tradition and graduation event that showcases the multiple traditions and worldviews of graduating student leaders. Join us as we send off our students in hope and celebration.

  • Eid al Fitr - Islam

    Eid al Fitr is a festival of thanksgiving for enjoying the month of Ramadan. It involves wearing the finest clothing, saying prayers, and fostering understanding with other religions.

  • Pentecost - Christian

    Pentecost is a celebration of the descent of the Holy Spirit on Jesus' disciples, and the birth of the church, following His resurrection. Pentecost always occurs seven weeks after Easter Sunday and is typically celebrated with baptism liturgies and joyous services. 

  • Eid al Adha - Islam

    Eid al Adha, also called the Feast of Sacrifice, celebrates the willingness of Abraham to sacrifice his son to God. It also commemorates the end of the Hajj pilgrimage to Mecca.




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