Numen Lumen Theme 2015-2016: 

The Company We Keep

Hear members of our Elon community share pieces of their own story, enjoy live music and artistic expression, and followed it with all coffee and refreshments.
Numen Lumen is an Elon moment to take a break, breathe, relax, and enjoy the community around us. 

Thursdays 9:50-10:20 am
Numen Lumen Pavilion


Speakers and Musical Guests Spring 2016

February 4, 2016

Speaker: Meir Goldstein

Music: Laura Goldstein

February 11, 2016

Speaker: Mary Morrison

Music: Addison Horner '16

February 18, 2016

Speaker: Anna Torres-Zeb

Music: Tres McMichael '19

February 25, 2016

Speaker: Eric Biebel

Music: Rosa Abrahams

March 3, 2016

Speaker: Shelby Lewis '16

Music: Olivia Arges '18

March 10, 2016

Speaker: David Cooper

Music: Julie Emmons

March 17, 2016

Speaker: Cara McFadden

Music: Twisted Measure

March 31, 2016

Speaker: Allison Ginsburg '16

Music: Rip_Chord

April 7, 2015

Speaker: Kerianne Durkin '16

Music: Shirley Tempos

April 14, 2016

Speaker: Emily DeMaioNewton '18

Music: Smooth Progressions 

April 21, 2016

Speaker: Anthony Weston

Music: Red Nucleus

April 28, 2016

Speaker: Cole Harbur '16 

Music: Vital Signs

May 5, 2015

A special Numen Lumen to conclude the year -  some time to take a breath and relax together