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Contact Us: Neighborhood Offices

Each residential area maintains a local community office in order to address ongoing student needs, including but not limited to work orders, health and safety inspections, key maintenance, and assignment information.
Neighborhood Office staff also respond to student crisis, roommate conflicts, facility management issues and general student concerns.
Neighborhood Office staff include full-time, live-in assistant directors of residence life, residence life fellows, part-time program assistants, resident area coordinator(s), resident assistants, housing assistants, community assistants and student office staff.



Office LocationContactPhone
Colonnades Kivette 101

Rike Habbel (Assistant Director)

Alan Russell (Faculty Director)

Elizabeth Jennings (Program Assistant)

Danieley Daniel Commons 105

Jaimie Biermann (Assistant Director)

Cara McFadden (Faculty Director)

Cody Flowers (Residence Life Fellow)

Yvette Ross (Program Assistant)

Historic Sloan 118

Dani Gates (Assistant Director)

Nancy Midgette (Faculty Director)

Alisha Ingold (Residence Life Fellow)

Amy Vaughn (Program Assistant)

336.278.7315 or 336.278.7316
Station at Mill Point The Depot 106

Nolan Patouillet (Assistant Director)

Amy Sanderson (Program Assistant)

Oaks  McCoy Commons 105

Sean Rollolazo (Assistant Director)

Annie Hester (Program Assistant)

Global Commons, Room 101

Rei Haycraft  (Assistant Director)

Amy Allocco (Faculty Director)

Carol Plaster (Program Assistant)