Students who are pursuing degrees in one of the majors in the Love School of Business, with the exception of economics, must complete the BUS 381 Internship in Business course as a graduation requirement and work in an approved internship experience as a co-requisite. Ninety-eight percent of Love School of Business majors in the Class of 2019 reported completing an internship for credit.

What sets the “academic internship” apart from an independent work experience are:

  • The formal partnership for success that includes the academic instructor, work supervisor and student
  • Objective guidance and support to the student during the experience
  • Reflective journaling and feedback to facilitate the learning process
  • Midterm checkups that include a discussion of how this experience has influenced the student’s career direction; it may also include a site visit by a university representative
  • Creation of a final project that is representative of the culmination of the student’s experiences

The Porter Family Professional Development Center, which was established by a gift from Elon trustee Dave Porter P’11 and his family, provides support and resources to assist business students in preparing for and acquiring internships. Students have interned for employers, such as PricewaterhouseCoopers, State Street, Credit Suisse, Booz Allen Hamilton, Morgan Stanley, Coca-Cola, UBS, Prada and BlackRock.

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